• agricultural

    big transtonmation of the agriculture
  • bernardo

    frist to make the link between worker occupation and health
  • industrial revolution

    alot of air polution diseas breakout
  • thomas malthus

    population groth was dongerous one ccouldnt chage human
  • general motors

    disturb gasoline worlds largest automaner
  • ww2

    europe has to be rebuilt because of torrain destruction dead body clean up
  • tragedy of the commons

    dilemma arising from the situation
  • rainbow

    two french men sunk the boat charged with arson conspiracy
  • chernobyl

    castastrophic nuclear accident nuclear power plants
  • exxon valdez

    spilling barries of oil and second biggest oil spill in u.s
  • persain gulf war

  • civilian conservation corps

    volunteers planted 3 billion trees and gave out many jobs
  • china

    largest nyorponer project and most notorious dam
  • inconvenient truth

    documentry film about former vis pres campaign about global warming
  • bp gulf oil spill

    4.9 billion released