Titanic Timeline

  • Titanic Takes Off

    The Titanic sails from Southampton on her voyage to New York, stopping in Queenstown, Ireland.
  • Period: to

    Titanic Sinking

  • 1:30, Titanic leaves Queenstown

  • 9:00am, Message From the Caronia

    Captain of Titanic - Westbound steamers report bergs growlers and field ice 42 degrees N. from 49 degrees to 51 degrees W. 12th April.
    Compliments - Barr.
  • 1:42pm, Baltic Calls to Titanic

    Warns the Titanic about ice on the streamer track. Bride sends the message to the bridge. Never makes it there.
  • 7:15pm, Captain Requests to Have Message Back

    The captain wants the message back so he can post it in the chart room for the information of officers.
  • About 10:00pm, Stewards Ate Biscuits and Coffee

    While they were eating, the group sang, "O, hear us when we cry to Thee, For those in peril on the sea."
  • 11:30pm, Warnings

    There were warnings sent about the ice, but nothing was seen.
  • 11:40pm, Iceburg Spotted

    The iceburg is seen, and everything is done to stay away.
  • 12:20am, Water Bursts Into Seamen's Quarters

  • 12:25am, Boxhall's Postition Is Sent Out

    "Come at once; we have struck a burg."
  • 12:30am, The Word Is Passed

    "Women and children in the boats." Stewards wake the passengers below.
  • 12:45am, Murdoch Orders Boat No, 7 Lowered

    Women don't leave Titanic, beliving it is unsinkable.
  • 1:00am, Water Rises Higher

    The Titanic is slowly sinking. Boat No. 1 leaves with 40 people.
  • 1:20am, Water Enters No. 4 Boiler Room

    Safety valves pop, water tight doors shut behind them. The passengers know the Titanic is sinking. Boats are never filled.
  • 1:30am, Lightroller Gets Port Boats Off

    Lightroller gets the port boats off, and Murdoch, the starboard.
  • 1:40am, Boat 14, 13, 16, 15, and C Are Clear

    The Engine room is getting flooded.
  • 1:45am, The Foredeck Is Underwater

    The forecastle almost under, the great stern is lifted high toward the stars, the band still plays.
  • 2:00am, She's Dying

    Titanics bow gets deeper, stern higher. Boat No 4. left, boat D leaves later.About 660 people in the boats, and 1,500 still on the sinking boat.
  • 2:10am, Steam Is Holding, But Pressure Falling Rapidly

    The band still plays, "Nearer my God to Thee. Nearer to Thee..."
    Then plays, "God of Mercy and Compassion! Look with pity on my plan..."
  • 2:17am, Lights Flicker Out

    The engineers lost their battle.
  • 2:18am, Men Run About Blackened Decks

    Men swim from the Titanic, other drop from the stern. The band plays, "Hold me up in mighty waters, Keep my eyes on things above, Righteousness, divine atonement, Peace and everlas."
    The forward funnel snaps and crashes into the sea. The ship slowly begins to sink, then faster and faster.
  • 2:20am,The Titanic Has Sunk

    The Titanic has officially sunk.
  • 2:40am, Carpathia Spots Boat No. 2

    At 4:10, the Carpathia picks up the first boat.