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  • Andrew Jackson is Born

    Andrew Jackson is Born
    Andrew Jackson was born on march 15 1767, in a log cabin at the frontier, Andrew Jackson was a general chief who defeated the Creek Indians at the battle of Horseshoe Bend.
  • Battle Horseshoe Bend

    Battle Horseshoe Bend
    Was fought during the War of 1812 in Central Alabama. The Battle of Horseshoe Bend was also very critical to Jacksons Career and the resolution of the "indian problem"
  • Battle of New orleans

    Battle of New orleans
    The battle of New Orleans was the first major battle of the New orlean commanded by major general Andrew Jackson, defeating a british army on attempt of seizing New Orleans.
  • Election of 1824

    Election of 1824
    The presidental electrion of 1824 was marked the final collapse of the Republican-Federal polticial framework.
  • Election of 1826

  • indian removal act

    indian removal act
    It was a federal law that prohibited the president from give the public land to indian residence in a eastern states
  • Nullification Crisis

    Nullification Crisis
    Nullification Crisis was a sectional crisis during the presidency of Andrew Jackson crated by the South Carolina. While stateing that federal tarrifs of 1832 were made unconstitional.
  • Worcester v Georgia

    Worcester v Georgia
    Was a case in which the United states Supreme Court vacated the conviciton of Samuel Worcester and held that the Georgia criminal statue prohibited non-indians from being prohibited on indian land