timetoast mrs.morales 4th peried project

  • number 1

    number 1
    (year)1500,(Event)England seets to establish colonies.(Description)But England had none.England began directing its resources towards establishing colonies after its defeat of the Spanish Armada.
  • number 2

    number 2
    (Year)1676.(Event)Nathaniel Bacon.(Description) Nathaniel Bacon (right) confonts Virgina governor William Berkeley at JamesTown in 1676.
  • number 3

    number 3
    (Year)1622.(Event)Powhatan Land.(Description)However,the expanding tabacco plantaions took over more and more Powhatan.Pownatan land in 1622 in response to land grabs by the colonists,the Pownatan killed hundreds of JamesTown residents.
  • number 4

    number 4
    (Year)1614.(Event)conflicts with the powhatan.(Description)At first,the Powntan traded food with the colonist then,as more colonist arrived.(Description)Colonist arrived and wanted land,relations between the English colonists and the Powntan,John Rolee married cheif Powntan's daughter,Powntans,in 1614
  • number 5

    number 5
    (Year)1585.(Event)First English Expedition to Roanoke.(Description)John White traveled to Roanoke,an island off of North Carolina.Later, he became governor of Roanoke and brought more settlers.
  • number 6

    number 6
    (Year)1607.(Event)Two early colonies fall.((Description)That included more than loco colonies,they sailed up the James river until they named the first permant English settlement JamesTown in honor of King James.
  • NUMBER 7

    NUMBER 7
    (Year)1608.(Event)JamesTown grows.(Description)Took control to make more sure the colonist worked he also persue loded the Pawatan tribe to trade their corn to the colonist in 1608 sms they injure in a power explosion and return to english settlers arrived in JamesTown.
  • number 8

    number 8
    (Year)1612.(Event)John Rolfe developes.(Description)in quickly becomes very popular in english the success of tobacco growing changed JamesTown in many ways.The Virgina company thought of the colonist employees.The colonist, however wanted a share of the profits.
  • number 9

    number 9
    (Year)1585.(Event)Defeat of the Spanish Armada.(Description)England defeated of leet of Spanish Ship.It showed the world that spain was volnerable.
  • number 10

    number 10
    (Year)1676.(Event)Bacon`s Rebellion.(Description)Nathaial Bacon was angry because of boxes he got a group of men & burnel JamesTown.