Timeline with Attitude 1914-1929 ($-economical, #-social, *-political)

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  • Canada Declares war on August 4th, 1914

    Canada Declares war on August 4th, 1914
    On August 4th, 1914 when Canada declared war on Germany, this was the beginning of a whole new era
  • Jeremiah Jones- First Recognized Black Soldier

    Jeremiah Jones- First Recognized Black Soldier
    Jeremiah Jones changed people's perspectives about the negative stigma that surrounded colored people due to his extraordinary contributions to the war. He also proved his worth in the sense that the colored soldiers are equal to the other soldiers and didn't deserve the discrimination they faced.
  • The Beginning of Women Rights

    The Beginning of Women Rights
    In 1916, women were granted the right to vote in three provinces, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. This revolutionized women's rights in Canadian history as it was one of the first big rights that was granted for women. After that, the Canada Elections Act gave all women the age of 25 and older, the federal vote
  • War Artists

    War Artists
    The war caused progression for artists. The war gave them opportunities where they were able to become known and showcase their work. A lot of artists became successful due to their depictions of the war and a lot of art pieces are displayed in museums.
  • Canada Gaining Independence

    Canada Gaining Independence
    After the war, Canada created a new national identify that didn’t include the dependence of Britain. This act allowed Canada to be excluded from the British Empire, allowing Canada to become its own independent country.
  • Innovation of Technology

    Innovation of Technology
    ($)+2 Throughout this period of time, there has been a big innovation of technology. Technology like automobiles, radios, airplanes and telephones became more advanced and popular among Canadians.
  • The Breakthrough of Automobiles

    The Breakthrough of Automobiles
    ($) +2
    The time period of the "Roaring Twenties" significantly helped with the automotive consumption and manufacturing. By the end of the 1920s, Canada became the second-largest vehicle producer in the world.
  • The Struggles for Veterans

    The Struggles for Veterans
    Throughout the time of the Roaring Twenties, people say that it was a positive period of time that helped Canada but there was a negative aspect and that is employment for the veterans. After the war, veterans had a difficult time finding employment. This left 15%of Canadians unemployed.
  • Chinese Head Tax Lifted

    Chinese Head Tax Lifted
    The Chinese Head Tax was removed from the Chinese Immigration Act and this shows Canada's progression towards acceptance of other ethnicities.
  • The Famous Five

    The Famous Five
    These 5 women, Emily Murphy, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Nellie McClung, Louise Crummy McKinney and Irene Parlby created a big impact on the rights of Canadian women. They participated in many years of campaigning and protesting for women's rights.
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