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  • -1: Franz Ferdinand gets assasinated, World War begins

    -1: Franz Ferdinand gets assasinated, World War begins
    A serbian nationalist assasinated Franz Ferdinand and his wife who were Austro-Hungarians. This was the start of multiple events that lead up to war. Germany sided with the Austro-Hungarians. Britain declared war on Germany. Canada decide to join. This wasn’t good for Canada because we had a small navy, but we went anyway because it was our allies.
  • 0: First Nation Soldiers go to Ypres

    0: First Nation Soldiers go to Ypres
    The First Nation soldiers went to Ypres. The got hit by the germans with poisonous gas throughout the battle. The battalion that went lost nearly half of its men in the first 48 hours. The first nations still managed to keep the Canadians place in the war through all of this.
  • -1: Lieutenant Colonel Border and His Letter to Nova Scotia

    -1: Lieutenant Colonel Border and His Letter to Nova Scotia
    Allison Borden, a cousin to the Prime Minister at the time, wrote a letter that was for each child in Nova Scotia. It talked about how good it would be for the men in the child’s lives, and how important it was for the children to encourage them to go. This manipulated the men in to going, which was part of his plan because he wanted more people in his battalions. This was bad for Canada because men who didn’t want to go to or men who were breadwinners feel guilted in to going to war.
  • -2: Germans and other “aliens”

    -2: Germans and other “aliens”
    Canadians who were born in Germany, Ukraine, Austria, Hungary and Croatia were imprisoned in internment camps due to people thinking they were “aliens” because they were born in the countries that Canada was fighting against. If they weren’t deported, they were put in these internment camps to work for 25 cent a day. This put them in a racist hole for years to come.
  • +2: First Elected Women

    +2: First Elected Women
    Louise Mckinney and Roberta MacAdams were both elected to a provincial legislature in Alberta, 1917. This was a big step in women’s rights.
  • -2: Women Working

    -2: Women Working
    The war opened up lots of jobs, and the women were expected to take them. Although being a mother and working was tough, this gave many mothers and single women a sense of power, that they could do things themselves. This was bad because when the men came back the women were expected to give the job back, loosing the power they once had.
  • +1: Germany Signs and Armistice

    +1: Germany Signs and Armistice
    Germany agreed to have peace. At this time, Canada celebrated that it was over. Canada lost over 60,000 men, but if it had continued, far more lives would have been lost. That’s why this is remembrance day.
  • The return to a new Canada

    When the soldiers came back, thing were different. Canada was in a huge debt, the soldier were making less then their previous jobs, minority soldiers didn’t get the same perks. Many famillies couldn’t make enough money, and much more.The war gave Canada a large amount of bigger issues.