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  • World war 1

    World war 1
    Soon after the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand World war 1 broke out across the world. 650,000 Canadians and newfounlanders enlisted, with 66,000 dead. These contributions earned Canada a signature later on the treaty of Versailles. +2 (Canada, First World War (1914 – 1918) - veterans affairs canada 2022)
  • Period: to

    World war 1

  • Battle of Ypres

    Battle of Ypres
    In the first week of April 1915, the Canadians were met with the use of poison gas (Chlorine gas) for the first time when they left the quite town of Ypres. This was the first time poison gas was used, so none of the Canadian, British or French troops were prepared. -1 (Canada, Ypres 1915 - Veterans Affairs Canada 2020)
  • Battle at Vimy ridge

    Battle at Vimy ridge
    Early in the war, the Germans captured Vimy ridge and used it as a strong defence point. then in 1917, the Canadians started their plan to take it back for the allied forces. This plan consisted of digging tunnels, and a lot of trenches days of non-stop fighting later, and, eventually Canada earns the Victoria cross for its efforts. +2 (Canada, The battle of vimy ridge - veterans affairs canada 2022)
  • Federal Election

    Federal Election
    In 1917 Canadians realized that their vote would be able to affect the outcome of the ongoing war, and with that the union government's military service act would conscript people to go over to war, knowing this, the Canadian public voted for him to become prime minister.+1 (Election of 1917: Military service act)
  • Paris peace conference

    Paris peace conference
    The Paris peace conference brought together some of the most powerful countries on the world. This lead to many of the countries now being on better terms with each other than they already had, and having debates over many important issues.+2 (Canada, Lessons from history? the paris peace conference of 1919 2019)
  • Winnipeg general strike

    Winnipeg general strike
    For 6 weeks in late spring 1919, the whole city of Winnipeg fell silent, because nearly 30000 workers went on strike from the factories. The strike was caused by social inequalities and the impoverished condition of the working class. -1 (Encyclopedia of the Great Plains 2011)
  • Treaty of Versiles takes affect

    Treaty of Versiles takes affect
    after the Paris peace conference. the league of nations decided on a treaty, that was very controversial between the European nations, because it had borders moving, and majority of the countries wanted compensation from Germany for what they had done, whereas Briton wanted to help them get back up on their "economic feet". +2 (Goldman, The covenant of the league of nations 2008)
  • Medicinal advancements

    Medicinal advancements
    Two of the medicinal advancements after the war were, a cure for diabetes, and a cure for Tuberculosis (TB). The cure for Diabetes was injectable insulin so that people who either cannot produce insulin on their own, or is resistant to it, can inject unsulin inot their body to help them regulate glucose and other sugars within the body. And TB can be cured by taking antibiotics for at least 6 months. Both of these were discovered in 1921.+2
  • The Balfour report

    The Balfour report
    The Balfour report was very important to Canada becoming a fully self-governing nation, it said that Britain and its dominions were constitutionally equal. This was the founding document of the modern Commonwealth. Canada remained linked to Britain politically. But legal power shifted decisively to the Canadian Parliament and its prime minister.+2 (Balfour Report 2020)
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    The great depression was caused by the stock market crash of 1929, this was a huge downfall for the citizens, as before then, all poverty was dealt with through private charities, however now that wasn't enough to fund almost a whole country on people living in poverty. -2 (Canada, Canada year book (CYB) historical collection 2008)