Timeline Project Timeline

  • Period: to

    Hudson Bay Company

    Why(?): It helped open up jobs for people who were settling into the United States.
  • Period: to

    Lewis and Clark Expedition

    Why(?): Lewis and Clark charted the uncharted lands of United States, giving people a better feel of the land and what they could do with it.
  • Period: to

    Oregon Trail

    Why(?): It helped people to cross through and made it much easier to pass through the land, and pass settlers through.
  • Period: to

    Chief Joseph

    Why(?): Because had he not surrendered, then there would be many more Native Americaqn around to this day, but now there aren't that many, and they're mostly in reservations.
  • Medicine Creek

    Why(?): Medicine Creek helped to brin in more medicical supplies and helped to create antidotes to more sicknesses.
  • The Great Seattle Fire

    Why(?): Seattle became more technilogically advanced after the Great Seattle Fire.
  • Period: to

    Klondike Gold Rush

    Why(?): It increased the number of tourists in the United States because people wanted to become richer/wealthier. This led to people being more attracted to the United States.
  • Period: to

    Bill Gates

    Why(?): He changed the look of electronics and how people see them as even to this day.
  • Period: to

    Dixie Lee Ray

    Why(?): Dixie Lee Ray helped to save hundreds of people. The area around Mt. Saint Helens is not as desolate as it would be, and those who would have died that day, are alive today.