Timeline project

  • Computer

    I remember in Kindergarten at Robson Elementary School I had my first personal experience with a computer. The computer in my home was used mainly for my father's work and for schoolwork of my older siblings. I used it for games and typing practice as a kindergartener and I loved this newfound way of life. To use a computer for more than just word.
  • DS

    Nintendo DS. I got a DS for Christmas and I fell in love with the personal handheld gaming capabilities of it. Not only was it the excitement of Santa bringing me exactly what I asked for for Christmas, but it showed me how I enjoyed problem solving in certain games and accomplishing certain goals.
  • IPOD

    I got an ipod nano. the weird generation one they made touch screen and in the shape of a little square. I took it everywhere. I used it to listen to music while I did chores around the house, on the bus to school and even as a watch (it had the capabilities as kind of a first gen apple watch).
  • Cell Phone

    Cell Phone
    I received my first phone. It was not a smart phone. It was a Nokia 3310. The "indestructible phone." And boy did I put that commonly believed theory to the test. I threw it at walls, ran it over and even dropped it from bleacher just to test the brutality it could receive. It did finally break after about 6 months. I cycled through many other "dumb phones" in my high school years.
  • Laptop

    I bought my very own Laptop. This is a big step because in my eyes since I was a very young child this is the symbol that you are a serious adult. You have a personal computer and that means school and work and important files and documents on the go. Honestly I've used my laptop probably 60% school, 30% netflix and 10% random fact checking. Maybe this means I'm an adult now? i don't really know. But I have one nonetheless.