Timeline on cooking appliences

By anjalip
  • Apr 3, 1234

    No Fridge......

    No Fridge......
    For a long time when fridges wee not there people would make do by canning food and storing stuff for other days. Then gain it would only stay for a few days.
  • The Fridge!

    The Fridge!
    1748 an engineer named William Calllen invented the fridge. It started working and was big by 1900. Now a fridge is something everyone has.
  • William Hadaway does an experiment

    1800 a young man named William Hadaway was experimenting and he invented the stove. We are so thankful to him that we now have a stove!
  • lanching stove

    1850 the first stove was launched and became big.
  • stove

    the stove was a sucesful launch and it became big. Now everyone has a stove and it just keeps advancing.
  • The microwave!!

    The microwave!!
    The microwave was invented by percy spencer. He was in the car and some chocolate was in his pocket. He saw that due to the heat it heated the chocolate and it started melting. That is how the microwave was invented by an accident.
  • cooking invented!!

    cooking invented!!
    In 2500000 B.C the early man discovered fire and cooking was inventd. They discovered that fire makes food taste better. By putting salt into the fire they discovered this. A few hands were burnt in the process.
  • The Bio Robot Fridge!!!

    The Bio Robot Fridge!!!
    The bio robot fridge was created by a young student from Russia named Yuriy Dmitiev got an idea about the Bio Robot Fridge and they are noe in the process of making it actually work.