Timeline of World War II

By Renbi
  • Germany invades Poland

    This is the date of Hitler's invasion to Sudentenland
    This date is significant because before the invasion France and Britain tries to make appeasement with Hilter to make him "happy". He was already taking control of a portin of Czechoslovakia and by the invasion he was able to take almost all of what now known as Czech Republic
  • Period: to

    Worldwar II

  • Britain and France declares war on Germany

    Since both French and Birtish forces swore to protect Poland, demanded Hitler to withdraw his troops from Poland. Obviously, Hitler declines to respond with his troops marching steadily.
    I found this event significant because this is the event when Fracne and Britain went "Nope, we had enough" and decided to declare war on Germany, which is the World War II
  • British evacuation from Dunkirk

    This is the evacuation of the Allied force from Dunkirk, a French seaport to England because of the German army. Hitler's army didn't not seem to withdraw so they decided to retreat themselves. Hitler ordered his army to pursuit any retreating forces
    The evacuation was called "Operation Dynamo"
    (Continues on 4th of June)
  • British evacuation from Dunkirk

    Because of the shortage of boats to transport all the men to England from Dunkirk, the British Admiralty called on British citizens to help them out by lending their boats. Motorboats, yachts, fishing boats, ferries and all sorts of boats raced to save their men, risking attacks from German force. They expected that they would save about 50 000 people if they were lucky but in fact, they ended up saving about 340 000 men.
    (reasoning on the 26th of May
  • Reasoning

    I think this event is significant because this built up tension between the Allies and Germany even more. Advancing their army to where the enemies are, is a bad thing to do when you are in war.
  • France surrenders to Germany

    France was unable to stop the "Blitzkrieg" of German forces, capitulating to the German forces after 6 weeks of fighting. The capitulation took place at Compiege which was a forest north of Paris and this was where Germans had to sign the Armistice ending World War I. Paris was abandoned and the French government fled place to place, finally ending up at a city called Vichy. (continued)
  • France surrenders to Germany -2-

    This event shows how aggressive and strong the German force was. Now most of the France is under control of the Nazis and this empowers them even more and lets them advance even furtehr
  • Period: to

    World War II in Pacific

  • Bombing of Dresden

    Nazi Germany was near to the end. The Red Army (Soviet) was advancing towards Berlin from the east. Hitler wanted his force to move up to Berlin in order to survive, making it easier for the Russians to capture Dresden. On the night, 13th of Feb, the RAF force started to drop their lethal cargos over the city of Dresden. In four raids over 13th to 15th of Feb, more than 3,900 tons of highly expolsives and incendiary bombs were dropped by the British RAF and USAAF. The bombing didn't end there,
  • Bombing of Dresden -2-

    The bombing didn't end there. The USAAF also destroyed railways, bridges and trasnportation facilities.
    This even basically ended the Nazi Germany. Hitler had nearly no force in Dresden, which made Dresden even more vunlarable to the Red Army and the Allies' bombing.
  • Hitler's Suicide

    Hitler burrows himself away from the Allies to his bunker under the Reich Chancellery building. He also had Joseph Goebbels and couple other men with him. Hitler marries Eva Hitler(as she wanted to be called) on the 29th of April. On the same morning, he dictates his last will and a Political Testament. He did not show the slightest regret or remorse but instead he stated who was to be the next executor, what he wanted done with his body and who was to receive his possessions.
  • Hitler's Suicide -2-

    On the 30th, Hitler is reported that Berlin is about to fall into the hands of the Russians. Hitler supervises the poisoning on his own dog, Blondi and her pups which he uses for his suicide later on. Hours later, Hitler and Eva says faewell to the staff and retires to their private room and there they both take Cyanide and Hitler also shot himself. The death of Hitler was the unofficial end of the World War 2, as Germany has already lost all its power. All that was left was Germany's surrender
  • The end of World War II in Europe

    Karl Donitz was left to carry out the surrender. The Soviets already had Berlin and the Nazi German troops had to surrender that they thought never would've come. On the 7th, Donitz gives in to Allie's demands of "unconditional" surrender and was made official the following day. This event is the very last event in the World War II in Europe timeline. Nazi without Hitler had no hope and was powerless which made it meaningless for them to fight anymore. Their surrender officially ended the war