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Timeline of the Vietman War

  • Increased Aid

    Increased Aid
    President Eisenhower increased aid to South Vietnam's army during the attack of the Vietcong
  • Kennedy steps in

    Kennedy steps in
    President Kennedy took office and supported the policy for South Vietnam
  • Calling in backup

    Calling in backup
    Presidnet Kennedy sent more aid to Vietnam. the number grew from 2,000 soldiers to 15,000. But it still wasn't enough
  • Agent Orange calls in for duty

    Agent Orange calls in for duty
    U.S. Air Forces being using agent orange; a defoilant to expose roads and trails used by the Vietcong army
  • Kennedy is Assasinated

    Kennedy is Assasinated
    President Kennedy was assasinated during the early stages of the Vietnam war, which left many Americans with questions about what would be done in Vietnam
  • Torpedos in Tonkin

    Torpedos in Tonkin
    On August 2, North Vietnamese torpedo boats fired 2 American destroyers in the gulf of Tonkin
  • Tonkin Resolution

    Tonkin Resolution
    The Senate and House passed the "Gulf of Tonkin Resolution" authorizing the president to take all necessary actions to repel any armed attack.
  • Attack on Fort Pleiku

    Attack on Fort Pleiku
    NVA attacked the American fort of Pleiku in South Vietnam and killed 7 people and over 100 wounded
  • Rolling with Rolling Thunder

    Rolling with Rolling Thunder
    Operation Rolling Thunder was an air strike that lasted about 3 years.
  • Attack by land

    Attack by land
    March 1965, was ther first time the U.S. started using combat troops in Vietnam to fight side by side with the South Vietnamese army
  • B-25's over North Vietnam

    B-25's over North Vietnam
    In effort to disrupt the main passage that North Vietnam used to transport supplies and other thing was bombed on by the U.S. It was the first time America had bombed North Vietnam
  • Veterans Against War

    Veterans Against War
    Veterans from WWl,WWll, and Korean war held up an anti-war rally in NYC
  • Operation Cedar Falls Begins

    Operation Cedar Falls Begins
    16 thousand U.S. troops and 14 thousand South Vietnam troops unite forces to fight against Vietcong operations in Saigon. A huge ring of tunels were found.
  • Tet Offensive Strikes

    Tet Offensive Strikes
    North Vietnam tried to catch the US military off guard, North Vietnamese and Vietcong forces sweep down upon several key cities and provinces in South Vietnam
  • Battle for Hue

    Battle for Hue
    It was a 26 day battle where the U.S. and South Vietnam tried to regain control of areas already seized by the Tet Offensive
  • No more running

    No more running
    LBJ announces that he won't run for another term at the presidency.
  • MLK is Assassinated

    MLK is Assassinated
    MLK is assassinated outside a hotel in Menphis, Tennessee by a sniper
  • Secrets of Cambodia

    Secrets of Cambodia
    President Nixon gave the go ahead on Operation Breakfast which included bombing parts of Cambodia without telling congress or the American public
  • Bombs in America

    Bombs in America
    The capitol building in washington was struck by a bomb, planted in protest for the invasion of Laos
  • The Kent State Massacre

    The Kent State Massacre
    At the university of Kent State the national guard shot and killed for studens and wounded 9 all just for protesting the war
  • Bringing Them Home

    Bringing Them Home
    The number of troops in Vietnam falls to 280 thousand
  • Attack of Laos Cambodia

    Attack of Laos Cambodia
    The U.S.troops attack launch heavy air strike on Loas and Cambodia against NVA supplies
  • Nixon cuts down troops

    Nixon cuts down troops
    Nixon cuts down the number of troops overseas by 70 thousand
  • Bombing Hanoi and Haiphong

    Bombing Hanoi and Haiphong
    During peace talk the U.S. troops bomed large supply and petroleum dumps in Hanoi and Haipong
  • Cease-fire treaty signed in Paris

    Cease-fire treaty signed in Paris
    The treaty to stop all war is signed and the war is officially over