Timeline of The Red Pyramid

By evamtg
  • Carter goes to England to sister.

    Carter and his dad go to see Carter's sister, Sadie. Their dad said for Carter and Sadie to meet him at their taxi but Sadie went to spy on him instead and Carter just followed her. Their dad was talking to this guy named Amos. Amos was trying to stop him from doing something. Then Sadie jumped on their dad and ended their conversation.
  • Carter and Sadie go to the British Museum with their dad.

    Carter, Sadie and their dad go to the British Museum. Carter and Sadie end up locking the curator in his office because their dad told them to. Then when they get back, they see a blue glowing circle on the ground around their dad and their dad speaking something in a different language. He also takes out a stick and writes glowing blue hieroglyphs on the Rosetta Stone, the real Rosetta Stone. Somehow Sadie is saying what the hieroglyphs mean. Then the Rosetta Stone blows up and knocks themout.
  • Carter sees Set.

    When Carter and Sadie woke up he sees his dad and an outline of a man in fire. His dad tries to fight him but the man in fire was to good for him, so the fiery man put their dad in an Egyptian sarcophogas and the sarcophogas dropped into the floor. The fiery man saw the kids and sad to Carter, "Soon, boy." Also, two people came and one said to kill Carter and Sadie but the other one said that they couldn't yet. Then Carter and Sadie both fell unconsious again
  • The police come.

    When Sadie woke up police were ever and made her wait in a locked closet. Finally they came back and brought her to her grandparents' house where she lived and put her in her room and made sure she didn't come out of it. Then an inspecter came in the room and Sadie told him what happened, but he didn't believe her. Then both of them went to the living room where Carter and their grandparents were. The inspecter was about to arrest them after talking with them and theirgrandparentshechngedhismind
  • They meet Uncle Amos.

    The guy their dad was talking to when they were spying on him named Amos appears in the room and tells them they need to come with him to America before the inspecter changes his mind. Sadie was reluctant but she had to go. When Carter asked how they're going to get to where Amos lives (NewYork) in an hour because in an hour the inspector will wonder why he let them go and Amos said that they're not taking a plane. Amos drew a hieroglyph in the condensation of the window andSadiesomehow knew it.