Timeline of the book : Fever

  • Chapter 1 : The Escape

    Rhine and Gabriel have escaped the mansion where Vaughn killed Jenna, (Rhine's sister-wife), Leaving behind Linden her husband, Cecily one of her sister-wives, and Vaughn who wants Rhine dead, so he can use her in in "secret" lab in the unknown basement of the mansion.
  • Period: to

    Timespan of the 2nd book : Fever

  • Chapter 2 : Seeing for the First Time

    Rhine and Gabriel come in contact with some gathers, who collect girls between the age of thirteen and eighteen to be sold for slaves, who will do and give up anything for RHine. After, the pair escapes the gathers, Rhine and Gabriel find themselves in a "Twisted Carnival."
  • Chapter 3 : Madame Soleski

    When Rhine and Gabriel figure out why they are stuck in aan old carnival land they start to wander. Then, get captured by Madame Soleski's guards, who are hired to keep the Madame's girls safe. Madame also renames each of her girls, resembeling colours. Rhine's new name is, Goldenrod, for her glowing, blonde hair.
  • Chapter 4 : The Carnival

    Madame Soleski takes Rhne to see the reast of her new/temporary home and in Madame's eyes, paradise. Rhine only thinks of Madame's place as an imprisonment, just like the mansion kept her. During the tour RHine notices small details that lead up to the very end, an old farris wheel, an abandon carnival.
  • Chapter 5 : Runaway

    Rhine and Gabriel meet a women named Lilac, Lilac has a malformed child that MAdame Soleski wants to kill, the child is only about nine years old, and her name is Maddie. Lilac helps Rhine and Gabriel escape at the last possible moment. Lilac thrusts Maddie in the direction of Rhine and Gabriel knowing that her daughter will be safe. The three of them escape the carnival safely and are on their way. Not in the way Gabriel or Rhine expeced, but evidently Lilac did.
  • Chapter 6 : Manhattan

    Rhine, Gabriel, and Maddie have become very found of each other. They have also been shuved in a Kettle chip truck in Georgie, and in two buses going from North Carolina to Pennsylvania, to Manhattan. Manhattan is the home of Rhine and Rowen, Rhine's twin brother.
  • Chapter 7 : Ashes

    Once, Rhine, Gabriel, and Maddie reach Manhattan, They travel in all directions to find Rhine and Rowen's old house, where Rowen still lives. When the three find Rhine's house the results leave Rhine devestated. The house she took refuge in from the long, cold, and hard winters, now lingers with the smell of ash, smoke, and death. Rowen left no trace of himself behind, except a note not explaining the reason why it was written.
  • Chapter 8 : New Possibilities

    Rhine, Gabriel, and Maddie have no place to go, until Rhine remembers an address written by Lilac, given to Maddie. Without another choice they search for the house that belongs to the address. When the three find the house with a sign reading : Claire's Orphanage. they knock and within a coupkle hours discover that the owner, Claire, is Maddie's Grandmother, and Lilac's Mother. Now Rhine and Gabriel are safe from all harm, or so they think . . .