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Timeline of Slavery in North America

  • The Beginning of Slavery in North America

    The Beginning of Slavery in North America
    In late August, 1619, the Captain John Jope, sailed into Virginia with 20 odd African slaves. They were then traded in for provisions from the settlers. This started the slave trade and use of slaves in the USA.
  • First Life Sentence

    First Life Sentence
    After an unsuccessful escape, three runaway slaves were caught. The two that were white gained extra years on their servitude, while the other, who was black, gained a life sentence. This was the first recorded life enslavement for a black person in Virginia.
  • Laws on Black Children Slavery

    Laws on Black Children Slavery
    During 1662, the state of Virginia passed new laws regarding the slavery of black children, depending on their mothers' status. This law determined if they would be enslaved or if they would go free.
  • First American Revolution Casualty

    First American Revolution Casualty
    Crispus Attucks, who was an ex-slave, and also one of the leaders of one of the first revolutionary movements, was shot and killed in what was known as the Boston Massacre. Over the next hundred years, it would be debated whether he was a hero to the public, or just a troublemaker.
  • A Slavery Abolition is Founded

    A Slavery Abolition is Founded
    After many years of sufferings, the first proper movement to get rid of slavery is founded, in the form of 'The Pennsylvania Society of Abolition of Slavery'. This would play a major role in outlawing this terrible use of people, in the following centuries.
  • African Slave Trade Banned

    African Slave Trade Banned
    As of the first day of the first month in 1808, the African Slave Trade had been banned in the USA and all British Colonies. This come after millions of Africans had been kidnapped from their homes, and forced into a life of labor. However, slavery was still a thing in these place, and it would be a while before it was banned altogether.
  • Founding of the American Colonisation Society

    Founding of the American Colonisation Society
    Ten years on from when the slave trade was banned in the USA, an new society was founded in an effort to both return the freeborn and emancipated back to Africa, and to form a colony on the continent. This resulted in the colony that would become the Republic of Liberia
  • Start of the American Civil War

    Start of the American Civil War
    After President Abraham Lincoln was elected, the Southern States of America voted to secede from the United States of America. This started the American Civil War between the the Union (Northern and Pacific States) and the Confederacy (Southern States). During this time, many slaves would fight in the war, as they had no choice.
  • The Emancipation Proclamation

    The Emancipation Proclamation
    The newly elected President of the USA, Abraham Lincoln, made a statement regarding the ongoing American Civil War: "If there were to be a Union Victory (the Northern and Pacific states), then that would mean the end of slavery in the USA."
  • The Outlaw of Slavery

    The Outlaw of Slavery
    After four brutal years of combat, the United States emerged victorious over the Confederacy (the South). Thousands died during this period but due to a certain proclamation, this victory also ended slavery in the USA. If you were a slave in the South, you would be rejoiced by this news. So on the summers' day of December 6, in 1865, the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution was signed, and slavery in the USA was outlawed.