Timeline of Revolution..

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  • Lexington

    It started in the year 1775 of April there were people like Paul Revere, William Dawes, and Samuel Prescott started spreading the word that 700 British were on their way for Concord. When they got their the British order to stay low but someone shot and killed the other side and that's how the war started. The Lexington was the first Revolution War that lasted 15 minutes.
  • Concord

    It started when the British went to the Concord and they found an empty storage but eventually started heading back and around 3,000 to 4,000 troops started shooting at them behind the walls. Britain were humiliated and since then the Colonist were there enemy.
  • The Bunker Hill

    The Bunker Hill
    Thomas Gage sent around 2,400 soldiers up the hill and the Colonist saw them which eventually started shooting at the end Colonist lost around 450 soldiers while the British lost more than 1000 soldiers. The battle of the Bunker Hill was the deadliest battle of the wars.
  • The New York

    The New York
    The British won against the Americans which gave the British important control over the port of New York. It was the first major battle of the American Revolution to take place after the Independence.
  • Trenton

    Washington troops crossed the Delaware River so his soldiers could attack. Washington hoped that they were quick victory towards Trenton for they would help men join for the army.
  • The Saratoga

    The Saratoga
    General John Led the troops down to meet the British in New York to defeat the New England but the British never met them because instead they went to surround the Saratoga where he surrender on October 17, 1777. Which end up becoming one of the important wars
  • Philadelphia Revolution

    Philadelphia Revolution
    The Philadelphia War wanted to fight against the British which they end up conquering. The Philadelphia revolution war was the first revolution to let Africans American be free to fight back and have the right of freedom to do what they wanted.
  • The Valley Forge

    The Valley Forge
    The Valley Forge revolution war at the beginning French signed a paper agree to join the fight with Americans which since Saratoga won victory that gave hope to French that Americans could win. The Washington and the army fought again towards there right of food and supplies but wasn't enough which they fought to stay together. Almost 2,000 soldiers died at the end and the suffering ended filling letters to send to the Congress.
  • Marquis De Lafayette

    Marquis De Lafayette
    Lafayette was a leader who helped French a lot towards fighting with the soldiers. Him commanding Virginia in 1779 for a year got him the help of the Europeans military leadership which help the enforcement become more stronger over time as a team.
  • Yorktown

    Despite the defeats the British decided to take the fight to Virginia which end up in Yorktown camping. The armies of Lafayette and Washington moved south too Yorktown. French defeated the British troops which gave an advantage to fight with the Americans to bomb the British together. By October 9, 1781 Cornwallis finally surrender and America had shocked the world for defeating the British.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    All ended in 1782 which the wars have come to the end of finding peace and no more blood shed. Around September 1783 the Americans John Adams, John Jay of New York, and Benjamin Franklin negotiated which ended up signing up the papers of Treaty of Paris. Which confirmed the US Independence and set boundaries to the new nation. However, people ended up realizing that once the war started people forgot how to respect. So people have been encouraging to help and accepting everyone as equal.