Timeline of Nintendo game systems :D

  • Nintendo Colour TV Game 6

    Nintendo Colour TV Game 6
    This creation was the beginning of the Nintendo legacy. This game system sold over 1 million units. This system only had a few games to play. Some titles were Pong, Block Breaker, and, Racing 112,
  • The ancient Nintendo DS. The Game and Watch.

    The ancient Nintendo DS. The Game and Watch.
    The Game and Watch was a series of game systems created from 1980 to 1991. The name says the whole point of the creation. It was an invention that told time and allowed you to play games at the same time.
  • Nintendo Entertainment System

    Nintendo Entertainment System
    The Nintendo Entertainment System was an 8-bit video game console that allowed two people to play many games. It was the most popular gaming system of that time. This led Nintendo to allow third-party game developers to create games for Nintendo. This was the start of many, now famous, game like Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Mario. This was first released in Japan in 1883 and to North America in 1985.
  • Nintendo Game Boy

    Nintendo Game Boy
    It was the first portable game system that Nintendo created, and it proved successful. This console was the base of many future creations of Nintendo and was the start of the Gameboy line.
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System

    Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    This device was the same as the NES but this was a little more advanced and modern. This console had more game titles when released than the orginal NES. This was at that time, the most popular game device and showed success world-wide. Today it is considered the most common and collectible game console.
  • Nintendo Virtual Boy

    Nintendo Virtual Boy
    This game console was supposed to allow a 2-D screen be able to play 3-D games. After its release, it proved to be unsuccessful and was discontinued the following year. It is now never mentioned and never actually played a part in the history of video entertainment.
  • N64 (Nintendo 64)

    N64 (Nintendo 64)
    The Nintendo 64 was Nintendo's third home game console. It was Nintendo's last device to play ROM cartridges. After this invention,Nintendo switched to the more modern disc. It was named Nintendo 64 for its 64-bit feature.
  • Nintendo Gameboy Advance

    Nintendo Gameboy Advance
    The Nintendo Gameboy Advance was another device in the series of Gameboys. This handheld console was run on cartridges for games. It basically was the third generation of the Gameboy.
  • Nintendo Gamecube

    Nintendo Gamecube
    The Nintendo Gamecube was the first Nintendo game device to use disc instead of cartidges. This console was the successor of the Nintendo 64. At this time, there were many contemporary competitors such as Sony Playstation 2, Sega's Dreamcast, and Mircosoft's Xbox.
  • Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP

    Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP
    This was no different from the Gameboy Advance, except that it was more sleek, clean, and smaller with a laptop design.
  • Nintendo DS

    Nintendo DS
    A more sleek, advance,and portable game system than the Game Boy. It's advance technology included two touch LCD screens, a microphone, and a wireless standard. The wireless standard enabled players to interact with each other. Another feature is its backward compatibilty with Gameboy Advance games.
  • Nintendo Gameboy Advance Micro

    Nintendo Gameboy Advance Micro
    It's the same as the Gameboy Advance but is unable to play orginal Gameboy Cartridges. Its main feature is its small pocket size.
  • Nintendo DS lite

    Nintendo DS lite
    The Nintendo DS Lite was the same as the first generation except that the DS Lite was cleaner, lighter, and more portable than the previous version. This model was very popular and sold over 89.19 million units worldwide. This device uses small cartridges to store games. This handheld is also able to play Gameboy Advance games with its backward compatibility. This is later lost after the DSi.
  • Nintendo Wii

    Nintendo Wii
    The Nintendo Wii was unique in that it is controlled by movement of the body. Many of its features include movement controlled, Wireless Wifi, backward compatible with the Game Cube, and being the most sold unit in a month.
  • Nintendo DSi

    Nintendo DSi
    The Nintendo DSi is the third generation of the DS line. The only differences is that the DSi is lighter, has a slightly bigger screen, and its ability to take photos. The DSi uses the app display and is enables gamers to buy apps and software over the internet.
  • DSi XL

    DSi XL
    This DSi only major difference is that it is larger overall, the orginal size of the regular DSi.
  • Nintendo 3DS

    Nintendo 3DS
    The Nintendo 3DS is the fourth generation of the series of DS. The unique thing about this DS is that it allows that player to view that game in 3rd dimension (looking down). Another difference between the 3DS and DSi is that the screen is larger and that 3DS has an analog button.