Timeline of my life

Timeline created by Ryan McClune
  • I was born

  • Started playing soccer

    I started playing soccer around this time, I still play soccer to this day
  • Started racing BMX

    Around this time I started to race BMX bikes, I raced for around 4 years and cumulated lots of trophies
  • First day of school, ever

    My first day was at Lakeshore elementary
  • Created my Roblox account

    Roblox is an online game for intended for younger people, I created my account at a friends house. I really liked playing this game with my friends
  • First day at Langtree

    I was at Langtree from the 5th to 8th grade, I met a lot of good people there and some of them I still talk to.
  • Trip to California

    This was one of the best trips I've ever had, we went to a few different parts of California and Nevada
  • Got my first car

    My first car as a Nissan Altima and was a gift from my parents
  • Back to Lake Norman

    I went to Lake Norman for my Freshman year and saw some people that I knew from Lakeshore elementary
  • First day at Pine Lake

    I've been at Pinelake for two years (since my Softmore year)
  • Kiss concert

    On this day I went to the Charlotte Kiss concert (this was kisses final tour)
  • Present day