Timeline of Music Education Degree

  • Spring 2019

    Spring 2019
    Called Music Department and created correspondence to start Degree Plan for admittance in Fall of 2019
  • Application, Audition and Acceptance

    Application, Audition and Acceptance
    After email correspondence with Department Head I played an audition for violin professor at NMSU. Finished application by April and was accepted as an undergraduate music major in May.
  • Fall 2019

    Fall 2019
    Started NMSU with my Second Bachelor's degree in Music. Made new friends and enjoyed the new sights and sounds!
  • Interesting Classes and Expanding Learning Curve

    Interesting Classes and Expanding Learning Curve
    Enjoyed Marching Band Tech, Guitar Class, Orchestra and SPED Courses. Increased aptitude as a musician in new and different ways.
  • Winter Break

    Winter Break
    Looked forward to going to Roswell to be with my parents, relax, study music and also headed out to the New Mexico All-State Music Festival in Albuquerque in January 2020.
  • Excelling in RDG Content Area Literacy

    Excelling in RDG Content Area Literacy
    My favorite course during the Spring of 2020 was Content Area Literacy. It expanded my way of thinking about music and how I can incorporate this class into my teaching.
  • Summer 2020

    Summer 2020
    Stayed in Roswell and in quarantine because of the Coronavirus and spent time with family. Kept to myself and waited to head back to Las Cruces to start courses again for the Fall of 2020.
  • Fall 2020

    Fall 2020
    Most memorable moment was feeling good about myself again and confident I was doing my best. Was nostalgic and felt like things were new again.
  • Secondary Methods and Conducting

    Secondary Methods and Conducting
    The theme for Spring 2021 would most definitely be a combination of these two classes. Also at this point I finally felt comfortable saying I would be a good educator.
  • Summer as Usual and the Final Stretch

    Summer as Usual and the Final Stretch
    Enjoyed another summer but this time in Las Cruces. Was busy with Educational Psychology Course and geared up for my Student Teaching semester.