timeline of mau mau rebellion

Timeline created by mbeck@gcds.net
  • Mau Rebellion

    Mau Rebellion
    Mau Mau Rebillion begins a state of emergency is declared
  • British soldiers entered Kenya

    British soldiers entered Kenya
    50 thousand British soldiers were sent to kenya during the state of emergency.
  • capturing

    British troops kill twenty-four Mau Mau suspects and capture an additional thirty-six during deployments in the Kenyan highlands.
  • the war has ended

    the war has ended
    finnaly the mau mau rebelion is put down after many africans americans getting captured
  • John F Kenedy

    John F Kenedy
    Today the presiedent John F Kenedy was asasinated
  • Vietnam

    South Vietnam surrenders to norht Vietnam
  • 911

    tourist attack happend at the twin towers and many people have died from this event