Timeline of John Sutter's Life

  • Birth of John Sutter

    John Sutter was born
  • Left Switzerland

  • Arrived in California

  • Built Sutter's Fort

  • Sutter's son arrived from Switzerland

  • Gold was found on Sutter's land and squatters took over land

  • Discovery of Gold

    The discovery of gold took place at Sutters Mill
  • 49er's looking for gold overran Sutter's land

  • Sutter moves to Hock Farm California

  • Sutter is bankrupt

  • Supreme court denied Sutter's land grant

  • Sutter is granted a monthly $250 pension

  • Hock Farm destroyed by fire and Sutter moves to D.C

  • He and his wife moved to Lititz, Pennsylvania and open hotel

  • Courts deny Sutter's petition for $50,000 restitution

  • John Sutter's passing