Timeline of History of Athletic Training

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  • The Trainer's Bible is released

    First book about athletic training, by Dr. S.E Bilik. Was a major influence in development of athletic training.
  • Cramer Family began producing liniment

    Liniment is medicated cloth to wrap the injured joint. Used to treat ankle sprains
  • Cramer Family published "the 1st Aider"

    Used for enhancement of communication between coaches and athletic trainers.
  • First attempts to form a national association for athletic trainers

    Failed in 1944 due to World War Two, lack of supporters, and poor communication
  • NATA founded

    NATA stands for National Athletic Trainer Association. The first annual meeting was held in Kansas City. The primary purpose was to promote networking.
  • NATA Professional Educational Committee formed

    This showed a concern for continuing education in athletic training.
  • First journal was published

  • AMA commended NATA for efforts to upgrade pro standards

    AMA stands for American Medical Assoication
  • First undergrad curriculum approved

    Four schools had a program
  • First NATA certification exam given

  • First graduate education curriculum approved

  • Requiring education requirements effective

  • AMA recognizes athletic training as allied health profession

    Includes credibility of profession
  • NATA changed professional domains and educational requirements

    ALso first delineation study performed
  • NATABOC recommended all athletic training education programs be accredited by CAAHEP by 2004 or students will be ineligible for the NATABOC certification exam

    NATABOC stands for National Athletic Training Association Board Of Certification. CAAHEP stands for Commision Accreditation of Allied Health Education Program.
  • NATA established the Educational Council to dictate the course of educational preparation for athletic training students

  • NATABOC completed second role delineation

    Panel determined roles of athletic training could be divided into six domains
  • Most recent role delineation completed

    Althletic training set into six domains
  • New accreditation agency for athletic training in the CAAHEP