Timeline of Hero Project

  • Why Courage Matters

    Read story about how courage is an important trait.
  • Interview Kristi Quillen

    Learned about how Kristi has an internship in other countries. intro the heroism project.
  • Hero Journy assinment

    Project is assigned to the class.
  • Library

    Looked in the Library for Biographies for new heros.
  • Second library day

    Deacided on Character to study for Hero Project
  • Heros Of Literiture

    Studied heros who are involved in literiture.
  • Change the world Power Poin

    Youtube video that expressed the power of hugs, had no effect on me.
  • Second Change the world

    Power point on how kidness can be spread. Had no emotional effect.
  • How i chose my project

    Turned in a project on how i chose my project.
  • DEAR

    Read more from the biography, Unbroken.