Timeline of Germany (1930's)

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  • Federal Election in Germany

    Federal Election in Germany
    Social Democratic Party came out as the largest party having 143 seats.
    The Nazi Party came second, growing from 12 seats to 107 seats. Overall, there is 577 seats in the German government.
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    Timeline of Germany (1930s)

  • Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany (Third Reich)

    Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany (Third Reich)
    Adolf Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany by President Hindenburg. The Nazis come into power and the Third Reich begans.
  • Reichstag Fire

    Reichstag Fire
    The German Parliament building was burnt down by a Dutch Communist and was very pivotal to the Nazis because they used it as an excuse and opportunity to turn Germany against his enemies, especially communists. They also used it to start enacting decrees and their dictatorship.
  • Nazi Boycott of Jewish-owned Businesses

    Nazi Boycott of Jewish-owned Businesses
    It was the beginning of a boycott of Jewish goods and their businesses and stores. Not only did this affect jews, but it also affected other German citizens who would buy stuff from this businesses. SA officers would stand outside shops/businesses with signs against jews.
  • Nazi Book Burning Campaign Begins

    Nazi Book Burning Campaign Begins
    It was a campaign led by the Nazi's to burn all of the books or cause a "literary purge" of books that do not match with the Nazi's plans.
  • Night of the Long Knives

    Night of the Long Knives
    Hitler ordered the assassination of the leaders of the SA and conservatives (people who wanted the old ways) in order to gain the trust and support of the Army and other government officials. *Also referred to as Operation Hummingbird.
  • Death of President Hindenburg

    Death of President Hindenburg
    This was the main reason why Hitler became President because instead of getting voted for the position, he assumed the role after the previous President died.
  • Hitler becomes President of Germany

    Hitler becomes President of Germany
    President Hindenburg during his term and Hitler assumes the position of President of Germany and declares himself the Führer.
  • German Re-Armament

    German Re-Armament
    This was an operation to rebuild and re-arm Hitler’s new army, but it went against the Treaty of Versailles because it had made Germany become demilitarized because of WWI
  • Nazi Olympics

    Nazi Olympics
    The 1936 summer olympics were held in Germany, during the Nazi's control. Jews, gypsies, and other people Hitler did not like were not allowed to participate in the Olympics and the Nazis had heavy influence on the planning of the Olympics
  • Anschluss

    Austria was annexed (to be added to territory) to the German Third Reich and added to Hitler's plan of controlling all of Europe.
  • Night of the Broken Glass

    Night of the Broken Glass
    A bunch of attacks directed towards jews throughout Germany, in which the police force made no effort to stop or prevent. Many jewish-owned stores, synagogues, buildings, and many other places owned or ran by jews. *Its name derives from the streets being covered with all of the glass broken by the windows.
  • World War 2 begins

    World War 2 begins
    The German invasion of Poland starts the beginning of World War 2.