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Timeline of Exposure to Traditional & New Media

  • Raffy's Birth

    Raffy's Birth
    I was born on this day in St. Luke's General Hospital in San Juan. Since then, I have been exposed to many types of traditional and new media.
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    My parents have always listened to music or radio shows in the living room and car, since birth until now. Because of that, I know a lot of older songs from the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's, maybe even more so than I know present day songs.
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    Books, Newspapers, Magazines

    For as long as I remember, I have been exposed to all sorts of reading, from my parents reading bedtime stories to me to reading shelves of novels all by myself. Although new media has replaced a lot of the reading I used to do physically, with digital storage of entire libraries, I still enjoy opening a book and feeling its pages flutter between my fingers. I hope to be able to read more often in the future, though.
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    I have had access to my family computer since 2006. I played games and eventually started using the internet. Until now, I've used it for basically every purpose, but the fact that it's confined to my house has inhibited its potential, especially when I'm at school and I don't have access to it. Thankfully, though, I have received a laptop that would allow me to better take advantage of new media.
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    Social Media

    I began using social media when I created a Facebook account and have continued to use it since, though I have expanded to other social networks.
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    Our family computer was only connected to the internet in 2007. I played computer games online and eventually discovered social media through that.
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    Handheld Gaming: Nintendo Gameboy, DS, 3DS

    I was first exposed to the Gameboy from my cousins back in 2007, and I continue to play games to this day. Although the device itself has changed, as old devices conked out and new ones came to replace them, I continue to enjoy relaxing and passing the time by playing a game or two in my free time.
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    I got my first phone from my Dad in 2015. It was his old phone that he didn't need anymore after he got a new one. I was incredibly excited to have one, not for the actual calling and texting functions of a phone, but for the mobile games I could play on it. Now, though, I appreciate both functions more equally.
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    Gaming Console: Nintendo Switch

    I got my first console earlier last year. Although I had experience with handhelds from the same company before, this was my first time ever getting a console. I appreciated the improved graphics, capabilities, and looks of the system and its games.
  • Present Day

    Present Day
    Until today, I continue to be exposed to various types of traditional and new media as it has permeated nearly all aspects of life.
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    Laptop (to be bought)

    After years of wanting one, I finally got a laptop, albeit not the most functional one. Still, its enough to seriously expedite schoolwork and other activities, thanks to its portability. Now that I have a laptop, I see what I've been missing without one and how much easier life can be.