Timeline of Exposure to Traditional & New Media

Timeline created by rafaelnicolasd
  • Raffy's Birth

    Raffy's Birth
    I was born on this day in St. Luke's General Hospital in San Juan. Since then, I have been exposed to many types of traditional and new media.
  • Present Day

    Present Day
    Until today, I continue to be exposed to various types of traditional and new media as it has permeated nearly all aspects of life.
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    My parents always listen to music or radio shows in the living room and car, since birth until now.
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    I have had access to my family computer since 2006. I played games and eventually started using the internet. Until now, I use it, but I hope to get a personal laptop soon.
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    Social Media

    I began using social media when I created a Facebook account and have continued to use it since, though I have expanded to other social networks.
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    Our family computer was only connected to the internet in 2007. I played computer games online and eventually discovered social media
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    I got my first phone from my Dad in 2015. It was his old phone that he didn't need anymore after he got a new one.
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    Laptop (to be bought)

    I'm currently researching laptop models to buy one very soon so that I can use it for school and personal purposes.