Timeline of Events in the World of Anthem

  • The Dawn of The Great Rebirth

    The Dawn of The Great Rebirth
    After the fall of most society there were a few groups that constantly fought. Those were known as the Evil Ones. The group that would become World Council got together and burned all the “Evil Ones” and things they considered evil. This was an act only made possible by very selfish feelings. The group that killed everyone was power hungry and wanted to be the ones to run society.
  • Period: to

    The World of Anthem

    I have made an artificial timeline of events based on the novel Anthem and events that I have made up based on where the novel left off.
  • The Great Rebirth Begins

    The Great Rebirth Begins
    The last known survivors got together and began to create the basic form of government and rebuild society. Since past society had failed they decided that freedom was not essential to succeed. They called themselves World Council and made decisions on how they would run everything. They began to build and gather essentials for them to live.
  • Period: to

    Before Equality

    Events that took place before Equality was born.
  • Fondation of Government

    Fondation of Government
    Foundation is the basic document that explains everything about the new society. World Council decided to base everything around this quote. “We are one in all and all in one. There are no men but WE, One, indivisible and forever.” They made sure to exile the word I in order to make sure the concept never instilled in their new society. This govermnent they created was totaltarian because they had total control.
  • The First Introduction

    The First Introduction
    The first introduction was that of how jobs and certain procedures would take place. They decided that they would appoint people to certain jobs as they found it appropriate. It also describes the basic life plan of their people. All people are first at the Home of Infants till five years of age when they are sent to the Home of Students. At fifteen they are given a job and work till they are forty. They are then sent to the Home of the Useless.
  • The Second Introduction

    The Second Introduction
    The second Introduction describes crimes and how they are punished. It mentions that the only crime punishable by death is speaking the unspeakable word. All other crimes would be punished by gooing to the detention center.
  • Secrets of World Council

    Secrets of World Council
    World Council had to have a clear plan for themselves as well as the others they were controlling. They came up with a secret document that describes the ways they control the others. In it they point out that they know how the word I is used. It tells about what they do to the old people when they are near forty, how they keep people from revolting, and many more gruesome details of how they gained their society. Once new World Council members are selected they are to read this document.
  • Introduction of the Candles

    Introduction of the Candles
    This introduction took fifty years to include in Foundation. It was difficult for World Council to decide where it would be placed in the job section and how exactly they would control this activity.
  • Creating Secret Society

    Creating Secret Society
    World Council was overwhelmed with trying to keep people in order and making all big decisions so they created a group of people to carry out secret tasks such as killing the old and making sure nobody found out about the word I. They are pretty much a secret police.
  • Equality 7-2521

    Equality 7-2521
    Equality, an important person in the future of the World of Anthem is born.
  • Period: to

    Equality's life.

    This is Equality's lifespan.
  • The Great Disturbance

    The Great Disturbance
    World Council had previously predicted that some people would begin to learn the Unspeakable Word and have thoughts that could lead to revolt.These were crimes that received great punishment.The first person to ever say the Unspeakable Word was burned alive in the square of the City. First, he was led to the square and had his tongue cut out. Then, he was burned alive while screaming and cursing his last words to the crowd.The secret society then watched things closer.
  • Discovery of the Lightbulb

    Discovery of the Lightbulb
    The inventor, Equality7-2521 discovered a bow that he could make light up. He brought this idea forth to World Council who of course denied his idea because he had slipped past their system. They led him to believe that he had done a crime punishable by death.
  • Lightbulb presented to World Council

    Lightbulb presented to World Council
    The lightbulb was presented to the World Council. They of course denied the idea because Equality had made the decision by himself. They told his this is a crime punishable by death. Equality hurried into the Uncharted Forest.
  • Idea of Revolt

    Idea of Revolt
    With the absence of Equality 7-2521 many people within the city started to hatch a plan. They wanted to go into The Uncharted Forest to find Equality 7-2521. The people that hatched the plan to find Equality 7-2521 set off into the woods. They found Equality 7-2521 and Liberty 5-3000 but noticed Liberty 5-3000 was pregnant. Equality introduced himself as Prometheus and Liberty as Gaea. The people caught on and they all planned their revolt.
  • The Revolt

    The Revolt
    Prometheus and his people headed toward the city square. They began shouting out the prolems with their government. They revealed that World Council was hiding something and it was their job to find out what that was. The revoly started to gather more and more people till World Council had to surrender the City.
  • New Government?

    New Government?
    Prometheus made his famous speech, “We will not have any guidelines as to what we are allowed to do. I can do as I please and so can you. There are no rules. Now go and do what you want. Leave this place if you wish for that. Stay if you desire!” This speech caused many problems and threw the world of Anthem into chaos. People killed each other, stole from others, and had no morals.
  • Prometheus the Hero

    Prometheus the Hero
    One of Prometheus's followers created a book named Prometheus the Hero. In it he dexcribes how Prometheus is a savior and saved the world. But, he also argued that the society they have set forth now is very corrupt and needs attention. He states that Prometheus would be the guy for the job. Prometheus denied being the leader and told everyone to continue to do as they please.
  • Prometheus Dies

    Prometheus Dies
    This is the day Prometheus died. At the age of 51 he was a marvel to all the people he knew.