timeline of Events 1850-1861

  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Uncle Toms Cabin was a novel written by Harriet Beecher Stowe. It was about a slave who faced many struggles daily and later was killed by his owners. This novel created tension between the north and the south because the south believed that it looked at slavery in a negative way.
  • Republican Party

    The Republican Party was created to stop the expansion of slavery in new territories. This party eventually supported the abolishment of slavery. The Civil War associated the Republican Party with the North.
  • Dred Scott

    A man who fought in the Supreme Court to be a free citizen. The court ruled against him stating that just because he lived in a free state and was a former slave did not give him the rights.
  • Kansas Nebraska Act

    This allowed people in Kansas and Nebraska to decide if they wanted slavery within their territory. It mainly got rid of the Missouri Compromise and allowed slavery in the the area of the Louisiana Purchase. This allowed the South to have more power.
  • Bloody Kansas

    A period where violent acts broke out in an effort to decide whether Kansas would be a slave state or a free state. Around 55 people died and to end the acts, the Kansas Nebraska Act was created.
  • Brooks Summer Incident

    This was when Southern Congressman Preston Brooks beats Northern Senator Charles Summer with a cane after they had rising tension growing between them for days.
  • Election of 1856

    When Democrat James Buchanan beat Republican John Fremont. This angered republicans in America. This cause more arguments that later came up during the Civil War.
  • LeCompton Constitution

    This wanted to make Kansas into a slave state while the citizens disagreed. It ended up not going through.
  • House Divided Speech

    Given by Abraham Lincoln, the purpose of the speech was focused on the Dredd Scott court case. Lincoln believed that the country couldn't last half slave and half free state anymore and that it would eventually cause a war between the North and the South.
  • Lincoln Douglas Debate

    this was a serious of seven debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephan Douglas for the seat of the Illinois senate and in the end Douglas wont the seat/debate and their was split in the democratic party because of the issue of weather to be for or against slavery.
  • Harper's Ferry

    john brown leads a raid into the harper ferry's federal armory and it was a failed attempt to try to start a massive revolt of slaves and for slaves to take their own freedom through violence but it didn't work and the North thought that he was in the right and the south thought he was in the wrong and got very upset because of his actions and this would only add tension against the two sides.
  • John Brown

    he was a crazy man who set laves free but he was crazy/mad man because he would set slaves free and then armed them to help free more slaves and he was known for trying to raid and failed but he was known for being the man to try to use violence's to end slavery instead of legal action.
  • Election of 1860

    this was the election between Abraham Lincoln and John bell and john and Steven and then Abe Lincoln won with 180 electoral votes and he wanted to end slavery using legal documentation/like doing it legally and then states started to succeed from the union and a war would follow (the civil war).
  • Secession

    this was when the 11 southern states divided from the northern states/the union and after Lincoln was elected the civil war was the south vs the north.
  • Lincoln's 1" Inaugural Address

    Abraham Lincoln became the 16th president of the U.S and he gave his inaugural address to try to make peace with the south without agreeing with their ways like he said he wasn't going to take slavery from the southern states but he also said he was going to start enforcing laws against it and then after the civil war started. .