John brown

The History of Jogn Brown

  • John Bown was born

    On the day of May 9, 1800 John Brown was born in Torington Connecticut
  • Johns Opinion changes

    Johns Opinion changes
    John Browns father, Owen, was an abolistionist againest slavery, who had many solid opinions surrounding this specific topic. Even though,Owen was against slavery Johns views were very different about slavery. Until one day,around the war of 1812, John Brown saw a slave get beaten with an iron shovel right in front of his eyes so after that, his views changed quickly.
  • Getting Married

    Aroun January- December of 1820 John Brown marries a girl by the name of Dianthe Lusk and has seven children with her.
  • Underground Railroad

    Underground Railroad
    In the late 1820s John Brown directs a station in the underground Railroad to help blacks escape throughout secrets routes to help slaves get into the Northern states so that they could gain their freedom back.
  • John makes a promise

    John makes a promise
    January-December in the late 1830's John Brown holds his right hand up and makes a promise to all of his people and men, that he will do his best to finally terminate slavery and put it to an end.
  • Johns Wife

    Around January-December of 1832, John Browns first wife Dianthe Lusk, dies giving birth.
  • Mary Ann Day

    Mary Ann Day
    Information on Mary day
    On July 11, 1833 John Brown marries sixteen year old Mary Ann Day, Together, John and Mary had thirteen more children together but out of all of his kids, not all twenty of them survied and two of the died on the raid of Harpers Ferry.
  • Putting slavery to an end.

    Elijah Lovejoy, publisher of an antislavery newspaper, is shot to death by proslavery mob. During his memorial service, John Brown stoood and made a vow to end slavery.
  • Johns house

    Johns house
    John Brown always seemed to never really stay in one place and he was constantly moving to new homes with his family but in January-December 1849 John Brown moved to North Elba on land donated by Gerrit Smith who was an abolistionist against slavery. Here, John Browns mind began to wonder and all of his strong and hatred feelings on slavery started to begin here. (January-December, 1849)
  • Bleeding Kansas

    Bleeding Kansas
    In 1856, John Brown took some of his sons and attacked people who believed in slavery. Here, John Brown and his children dragged people out of their homes, beat them brutally, and chopped their heads off. (January-December 1856)
  • The Missouri Compromise

    The Missouri compromise, which restricted the expansion of slavery, is swept aside. Giving in to Southern power, the frederal government placed the volatile issue of slavery into the hands of those settling the new territories. The people will decide, by popular vote, whether to be "free" or "slave." Brown goes nearby Pottawatomie Creek and directs his men in the murder of the five proslavery settlers.
  • Frederick Douglass

    Frederick Douglass
    Many abolistionist supported John Brown but one main supporter was Frederick Douglass. Frederick Douglass was a slave in the passed who escaped to North and gained his freedom. Unlike other slaves, Frederick was taught how to read and write when he was a child. Years later, Frederick becomes an abolistionist and John Brown hopes to team up with him for the Raid on Harpers Ferry. Later, Frederick soon turns down Johns offer to create a bloodshed battle
  • Rents house

    Rents house
    John Brown rents a name under "Isaac Smith" just a little outside of Harpers Ferry.
  • Trial

    John Brown was sent to trial in early october for his raid on Harpers Ferry. Here, he got aggraveted letter sent from wives of the husbands that he has killed. John sits in jail for about two months until that he is fianlly announced guilty.
  • Raid on Harpers Ferry

    Raid on Harpers Ferry
    On October 16, 1859 John Brown sent twenty-one of this men to Raid on Harpers Ferry --16 whites and 5 blacks-- and in less than 48 hours, most of Johns men were captured and killed,
  • Johns Beard

    Johns Beard
    Shortly after the attack on Harpers Ferry, John Brown grows out his white beard to give him a bit of a diguise.
  • The Death of John Brown

    The Death of John Brown
    Captured and Killed
    After John Brown was captured and put on trial. Later after John Brown was announced guilty, two months later he was hanged. John Browns dream was to end slavery and even though that he did not get the chance to complete his task, he finally brought others together to help fight against slavery.
  • The Confederates

    Confederate batteries open fire on Fort Sumter; the first shots of The Civil War.
  • Emancipation

    The Emancipation Proclomation goes into effect.
  • The Amendments

    The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution abolishes slavery in the Unites states.