Timeline of Cloud Computing by GCN Staff May 2013

  • First Ehternet adapter card for IMP PC Released, intdocducing inexpensive connections

  • Software Tool & Died founded, first publie dialup INternet Service Provider

  • FAA undertakes wholesale IT oursourceing

    to Electonic Data Systems Copr, under the Computer Rescource Nucleus Program
  • 1996 Navy Launches IT2, (global network)

    To build secure, global network to deliver fast Ehternet to 270,000 users worldwide, with browswers, continous TCP/IP connections
  • Term "Cloud Computing" is coined

    by Universtity of Texas prfessor Ramnath Chelappa in a talk on a "new compting paradigm"
  • Sofwared providing virtualized set of harware to a guest operating system

    VMWare introduces software providing completely virtualized set of hardware to a guest operating system
  • Defense Department shifts communications netword from ATM to 1 gigabit/sec Ethernet backbone

  • Government Agency begin developing computer grids

    Open-source networking technolgoy that lets users share resouces in a manner not subject to central control
  • Interior Department adopting the application service provider model for delivering applications to workforce

    becomes one of serveral agenices to experiment with adopting
  • State Department launches pilot to switch out PCs for thin client

    at overseas posts and domesti offices
  • EPA announces project to use grid computing for air quality monitoring

    a sign that governemnt acceptance of collaborative networks is widening
  • AMD releases Athlon 64 processors, the first to support virtualization

  • Amazon launches Elastic Compute Cloud

    an infrastrucure-as-aervice that let organizations contract for computers to run their appplications
  • File hosting and synchronization service Dropbox Inc. making cloud storage a commodity

  • Announce secure managed federally compliant cloud infrastructure

    APPTis Inc. and ServerVault Corp. announce secure managed federally compliant cloud infrastructure
  • OMB issues "cloud first" mandate, requiring agencies to identify 3 services to move to the cloud and retire associated legacy systems

  • will use cloud computing as primary means for hosting the government official information protal

  • SAP offers agencies Enterprise Resouce Planing via the Terremark cloud, enterprise-level software as a service

  • DARPA seeks mission-resilient cloud to ensure military can withstand attack against pieces of the network

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of new technologies for use by the military
  • Energy Department sets up YourCloud to broker secure cloud services for agency and national labs.

  • GSA moves 17,000 email users to Google Apps for Government

    General Services Administration (GSA) is an independent agency of the United States government, established in 1949 to help manage and support the basic functioning of federal agencies.
  • CIA inks $600 million deal with Amazon Web Services to build a private cloud

    bolstering confidence in security of the cloud
  • unviels Government Cloud and AppExchange

    multitenant services designed for the public sector