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Timeline of CBS News

  • CBS is Created

    CBS is Created
    William S. Paley acquires United Independent Broadcasters Inc., which owned several radio stations, and turned it into Columbia Broadcast System.
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    Timeline of CBS News

  • Nation's Largest Radio Network

    Nation's Largest Radio Network
    CBS becomes the nation's largest radio network with 97 stations, and Edward R. Murrow joins the broadcast station.
  • TV Broadcast

    TV Broadcast
    CBS has its first color television broadcast.
  • Experimental Broadcasting

    Experimental Broadcasting
    Fifteen hours a week of black-and-white television programming begins at New York station WCBW as experimental news broadcasting.
  • CBS Television is Formed

    CBS Television is Formed
    CBS Television Network is formed. The first program to be broadcasted was a behind-the-scenes look at a Broadway play, "Mr. Roberts".
  • "I Love Lucy" Debuts

    "I Love Lucy" Debuts
    "I Love Lucy" premires on the CBS Network as the first series filmed in front of a live audience. The show was a wildly popular hit and continued to be one throughout the years,
  • The Eye is Born

    The Eye is Born
    CBS formally introduces the "Eye" as their logo.
  • CBS News is Created

    CBS News is Created
    CBS News is created and serves both radio and television networks, marking the first autonomous news organization in network television.
  • Face the Nation

    Face the Nation
    The CBS interview program premieres with Ted Koop as the moderator.
  • Walter Cronkite Joins

    Walter Cronkite Joins
    Walter Cronkite is named anchor of the CBS Evening News.
  • CBS Goes Color

    CBS Goes Color
    In the fall, all of the CBS shows were now broadcasted in full color.
  • William S. Paley Dies

    William S. Paley Dies
    Paley, Chairman of the Board and Founder of CBS Inc., dies.
  • Dave Brings Late-Night Talk to CBS

    Dave Brings Late-Night Talk to CBS
    David Letterman debuts "The Late Show with David Letterman". It has won 6 Emmys so far.
  • Olympics on CBS

    Olympics on CBS
    204 million viewers tune in to CBS Sports' coverage of the XVII Olympic Winter Games from Lillehammer, Norway, the most-watched Winter Games in history.
  • 9/11 Takes Over Broadcasts

    9/11 Takes Over Broadcasts
    CBS News coverage of the terrorist attacks on New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania totals a record 93 hours and 8 minutes.