Timeline of America

  • Virginia was founded

    the colonie virginia was founded by the london company
  • English rode Mayflower

    The english rode the Mayflower to america
  • Maryland founded

    Maryland was founded in 1632
  • Rhode Island and Hartford founded

    Rhode Island and Hartford were Bolth founded in 1636
  • England Takes New Netherland

    England took New Netherland in 1664
  • King Phillips War Began

  • New Jersey Founded

  • Benjamin Franklin Moves To Philidelphia

  • Carolinas Founded

  • Georgia was founded

  • French and Indian War started

  • Battle of The Qubec

  • Pontaicas Rebellion

  • Sugar Act

  • Boston Tea Party

  • Battle of Lexington

  • Battle of Concord

  • Declaration of Independance

  • George Washington Death