timeline interview

By zmoyer
  • Moms Birth

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    Moms impact

  • John F. Kennedy Assasination

    John F. Kennedy Assasination
    John F. Kennedys death impacted so many peoples live but for some like my mother it was a different thing. Even though she was at a young age of about seven or eight her mother was greatly affected she said that her mother was so shocked that she left the crib open and she fell out. Cause thats how scared she really was
  • First Man To Land On The Moon

    First Man To Land On The Moon
    This event hugely impacted my mother cause it tought her how to become more of a doing type of person cause what happend that day changed the way most people do things today with projects and success
  • Colored T'v

    the colored t'v made everything more fun when my mom watched tv because watching t'v without color isnt fun so she got a experince that was pretty exciting
  • Watergate Scandal

    Watergate Scandal
    The watergate scandal was also a huge thing in my moms time because of how much was done to help in stopping this maddness and so i guess it really tought her to be cautious of the things you care about and the things that you really dont need
  • Microwaves

    Microwaves really helped because her family could make food alot faster and now a days its so much easier but its very similar to the old microwave
  • Cassette player

    Cassette players back then were the the best things most people could get mainly because of the new technologly being created already so a cassette player ment new ways to listen to music and that really helped my mom to get her music faster
  • Computers

    the computer helped my mom be more useful to her job and to help with other things like email and other things
  • Cd's

    Cd's were very amusing to my mother mainly because she learned new ways to use the Cd's and to also listen to music in a whole new way.
  • Princess Diana Death

    My mom totally thought this one was her favorite because the princess was her idle and so when she died she really took that to heart
  • 9/11

    this day was important to my mom cause not only did it shock her but the world, from that day she wanted to not only help but to do something but really she couldnt.
  • Cedar Rapids Flood

    the flood of 2008 effected alot of people but in a way it affected my mom because all of the people who were affected lost homes some even lifes and it was a hard thing to recover from for Iowa
  • Micheal Jackson

    Micheal Jackson
    This event affected my moms life mainly because she was somewhat of a fan of micheal jackson but in a way she could listen to his music and now since he is gone it really has changed the way of not just her but others too