Timeline Five: Post-Romanticism (1890-1930)

Timeline created by AubreyPedersen
In Music
  • Period: to

    Eugene Paul Gauguin

  • Period: to

    Gustav Mahler

  • Period: to

    Claude Debussy

  • Period: to

    Richard Strauss

  • Period: to

    Arnold Schoenberg

  • Period: to

    Maurice Ravel

  • Period: to

    Igor Stravinsky

  • Period: to

    Anton Webern

  • Period: to

    Alban Berg

  • Period: to

    `Post-Romantic Era

    Melody was no longer a focus of a composition
    Shift from string dominance to wind, brass, percussion dominance in orchestras
  • Period: to


    all chord equal
    no heroic/thematic goal
  • Period: to


    motivic complexity
  • Sound Synthesizer Invented

  • Period: to


    No chord progression rules
    12 tone
  • 17&16 Amendments

  • Wireless Organ Invented

  • Period: to

    World War I

  • Jazz Style Began

  • 12-Tone Method (Serialism)

  • Vibraphone Invented

  • Walt Disney Company Founded

  • WWII