Timeline by Nicole Zhang

  • Jan 1, 1100

    4-string Guitar

    4-string Guitar
    The four-stringed instrument named a Cithara inspired a guitar that was created this year.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1100 to

    The History of the Guitar Timeline

  • Baroque Guitar

    Baroque Guitar
    Even though the vihuela was very popular before this period, people started switching over to the baroque guitar because it was easier to play and tune.
  • 6 String Classical Guitar

    6 String Classical Guitar
    This design was evolved from the original 4-string guitar but two more strings (which were made out of nylon) were added.
  • Looks Change

    Looks Change
    To make it easier to play and better looks, people designed the guitar with different fan struts and a higher neck and fingerboard. Guitars in this period is made more frequently out of ebony wood.
  • Modern Acoustic Guitar

    Modern Acoustic Guitar
    The modern acoustic and classical guitar was designed this year by Antonio Torres Jurado. He made the body and length of the guitar bigger.
  • Becoming Popular

    Becoming Popular
    The design of Antonio Torres Jurado of the modern acoustic classical guitar becomes popular and used often by people starting from this period and are still used widely today.
  • Electric Guitar

    Electric Guitar
    Luthiers, electronics enthusiasts, and instrument manufacturers came together to design this instrument. Electro String Instrument Corporation in Los Angeles under the direction of Adolph Rickenbacker and George Beauchamp were also involved with this creation.
  • The Robo Guitar

    The Robo Guitar
    The Robo Guitar was made to make pitching easier. It can sense the pitch of a tune and the strings would adjust themselves. So cool. :)