Timeline about the International Law actors

  • Grotius

    Hugo De Groot, better known as the Father of international law.
    His major contribution was that he systematised international law.
  • Westphalia

    The Peace of Westphalia came after 30 long years of war and it was negotiated through two diplomatic congresses and resulted in the new political order based upon sovereign States.
    It became the building blocks of international society and international law
  • Congress of Vienna

    Developments for international law: the use of multilateral Conventions and the creation of international organisations
  • Rhine and the Danube Commissions

    The very first international organisations were created
  • International Telegraph Union

    International organisation with essentially administrative functions
  • Universal Postal Union

  • Period: to

    The League of Nations

    After World War I this treaty was created to establish the first global international organisation with general competence
  • The United Nations

    Replaced the League of Nations.
    The UN’s primary purpose, like that of its predecessor, is the maintenance of international peace and security.
  • The International Law Commission

    The General Assembly established the International Law Commission, charged with the progressive development and codification of international law.