Vf alanchalmers


  • Born

    Bristol England
  • Earned Degree

    Dr. Chalmers earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics at the University of Bristol in 1961 Chalmers, Alan. (n.d.). The Center for Philosophy of Science. https://www.centerphilsci.pitt.edu/fellows/chalmers-alan/
  • Earned Masters

    Earned a Masters of Science in physics as well from the University of Manchester
  • Earned PhD

    Becoming Dr. Alan Chalmers in 1971 in electromagnetic theory of James Clerk Maxwell.
  • What is this thing called Science?

    What is this thing called Science?
    In this work, Dr. Alan Chalmers discusses the different elements and activities most civilizations did that we now call science. He also elaborates on what constitutes a fact and what a solid observation is.
  • The Scientist's Atom

    The Scientist's Atom
    This book is more of a collection of theories from ancient times till today about the theory of atoms. Dr. Chalmers reflects greatly onto each of the theories and demonstrates why they're scientifical and separate from other studies.
  • One Hundred Years of Pressure

    One Hundred Years of Pressure
    The key take away from his work is to show why the scientific revolution was different from other previous eras of science. Also, very importantly prior to this study the concept of pressure was not invented.