Timeline 5 Post-Romantic Era

By Nat.DH
  • Period: to

    Eugene Paul Gauguin

    -French Post-Impressionist Artist
  • Period: to

    Gustav Mahler

    -Made important expansions to symphonies
    -Considered to be the heir to Mozart and Beethoven
  • Period: to

    Claude Debussy

    -French Composer of the early 20th Century -Known for composing the first modern orchestral work
  • Period: to

    Richard Strauss

    -Supported Wagner's use of chromaticism
    - Famous for his tone poems and operas
  • Period: to

    Arnold Schoenberg

    -Austrian composer, theorist, and pianter
    -Part of the Second Vienesse School
    12-tone Method
  • Period: to

    Maurice Ravel

    -French Impressionist Composer
    - Credited with writing the first Impressionist Piano piece
  • Period: to

    Igor Stranvinsky

    -Russian Composer, musical style changed overtime
    -The Rite of Springs
  • Period: to

    Anton Webern

    -Austrian composer and conductor
    - Part of the Second Vienesse School
  • Period: to

    Alban Berg

    -Austrian Composer
    -Part of the Second Vienesse School
  • Period: to


    -French; anti-germanic, Debussy lead
    -One of the first anti-romantic styles
    -Disregarded chord progression rules
    -Composers: Debussy, Delius, Respghi
    -A general sense of vagueness
  • Period: to


    -Composers: Mahler, R. Strauss
    -Extreme Chromatism
    -Bigger perfomance groups
    -Thick Texture
  • Period: to

    Post Romantic Era

    -The melody was not a focus of a composition
    - There was a shift from string dominance to wind and percussion dominance in orchestra
  • Period: to

    Sound Synthesizer Invented

    -Machine that electronically generates and modifies sounds
  • Period: to


    -Composers: Arnold Schoenberg
    -Focused on completely freeing music from tonality
    -No chord progression rules
  • 16th and 17th Amendment

    16th- allows for the collection on income taxes for all citizens by the federal government
    17th- states that the Senators must be elected by majority vote.
  • Wireless Orghan Invented

  • Period: to

    World War I

  • Jazz Style Began

  • Period: to

    World War II