Timeline 1929-1945

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  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    The drop in fur prices during the 1930s affected the indigenous people greatly, this is because they depended on the income from trading fur to survive.The reduction of their trapping and hunting grounds also was a heavily blow to their lifestyle, and this is because the land was used for forestry and economic development during the 1920s. So, the indigenous people eventually fell into poverty with the government only provided a small amount of relief payments
  • Continuity or change

    This would be a change to the indigenous people, this is because fur trading a like a pillar that held up their home. With no income to depend on they can only go back to finding and making their own food, trying to lessen their expenses.
  • Black Canadians

    Black Canadians
    Due to black Canadians contribution in WWI, they are aloud guns and joined the normal army units in WWII. They served in places like Italy, Belgium, England and France, and earned many decorations for their bravery. But they are still barred from the navy and the air force until later on in the war.
  • Indigenous Men

    Indigenous Men
    Officially 4250 indigenous soldiers enlisted in the army during WWII, there were also thousands that served without identifying as indigenous. Almost all enlistment was voluntary and many who served in WWI enlisted again in WWII. Some enlisted because of economics problems, and some because of the stories told by ancestors. All in all, indigenous people were acknowledged in WWII for their bravery and achievements.
  • Continuity or change

    It was a change. This is because they finally got to hold a gun and fight in the front line with the white troops in the army. But there is a new form of discrimination, black Canadian is only aloud into ground units.
  • Continuity or change

    This would be a continuity, this is because most indigenous people also voluntary served in WWI. They achieved many things in WWII just like in WWI, although only being acknowledged for their doings in WWII.
  • National Selective Service

    National Selective Service
    Due to the great depression, Canada entered WWII with a high level of unemployment. So, The National Selective Service program was launched in 1941, it was organized by 21 national women's organizations. The program was made to recruit women into industrial labor force to fill the need, and by 1960 women made up one third of the work force.
  • Continuity or change

    change, this is because women usually aren't aloud to work while men take all the jobs. And with the program many women are able to earn money unlike before solely depending on the income of the man in the family. Many women are also encouraged to join the labor force.
  • Women in Uniform

    Women in Uniform
    In 1941 the military created it's own women force, some 50,000 women were enlisted in the air force, army and navy. They all started in roles like cooking and nursing, until later on becoming parachute riggers, mechanics and many other roles that usually men do. The woman forces were created because of how determined women are wanting to play an active role in war.
  • Continuity or change

    Change, women was only able to stay at home and take care of the family while mens fought in the previous war, but now they are able to actively participate and play supporting roles across sea.
  • One of First black pilot in RCAF

    One of First black pilot in RCAF
    When WWII started Bundy applied to join the Royal Canadian Air Force, but due to racism he was only able to join in 1942. Racism didn't stop right there, it continued on causing him unable to participate in the war, this is because no white navigator would like to fly with Bundy. Until later on a sergeant named Elwood Cecil Wright volunteered, they together completed over 42 missions in Europe until Bundy got discharged. Bundy's achievement help change altitudes toward visible minorities.
  • Continuity or change

    change, in the previous world war black people weren't even aloud guns, but now they are able to fly on planes and shoot down enemies.