Timeline: 1850-1861

  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Uncle Tom's Cabin would be written by Harriet Stowe which would describe the life of a slave and eventually leading to this death. This book would go into the harsh life a slave had. This would greatly anger Southerners who thought they were being attacked and misrepresented. Lincoln would even tell Stowe if she was the lady who helped start the Great War. This heavily contributed to the divide between the South and North.
  • Republican Party

    The Republican Party was formed by former members of the Whig Party in hopes of stopping the spread of slavery. It was formed to begin with in order to oppose President Andrew Jackson. It was officially formed until 1854 when a meeting was held in Wisconsin. After this the Republican Party would gain a lot of followers from the North. By the 1860s a bunch of Southern States were threatening to secede from the Union if Republicans win the election of 1860.
  • Kansas Nebraska Act

    The Kansas-Nebraska act would make Kansas and Nebraska into two territories, it would repeal the Missouri Compromise, and allow for popular sovereignty. The Kansas-Nebraska act would lead to Bloody Kansas because people from the South and North would swarm into Kansas in order to vote so they could make it either a free or slave state. The act would yet again raise questions over slavery which would cause lots of anger and distrust which would all led to war.
  • Period: to

    Bloody Kansas

    Bloody Kansas would result from the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Bloody Kansas would take place in Lawrence where Northern anti-slavery people lived. These Northerners would move and live there so that Kansas could become a free state but Southerners would also go to Kansas. The Southerners would attack Northerners in order to get them to move. John Brown along with 7 men would go to Pottawatomie Valley and kill 5 men. This would cause anger and distrust between the North and the South.
  • Brooks-Sumner lncident

    The Brooks-Sumner incident happened when Senator Sumner said some not so nice stuff to Andrew Butler which would anger Representative Brooks. Brooks would go to the senate chamber and proceed to cane Sumner. This incident would cause Northerners to get further angry towards the South and the South to get angry at the North. It would increase tensions and make violence the appropriate answer.
  • Election 1856

    The election of 1856 would see lots of things being said to both the Democratic Party and the Newly founded Republican Party. President Pierce would be denied renomination and would instead be replaced by Buchanan. Republicans would nominate Fremont. During the election the Democrats would say negative things towards the Republican Party and Fremont and the Republicans to them. This would cause blood to boil from both the North and the South. Buchanan would win presidency over Fremont.
  • Dred Scott

    Dred Scott would be a Supreme Court case in which multiple things were being questioned. In the case it would be decided that Dred Scott would remain a slave and not have citizenship. Popular Sovereignty would be eliminated and Congress wasn't allowed to stop slavery from being legal. This would anger Northerners a lot and keep Southerners happy. It would also increase tensions between the North and South over the question of slavery which would eventually lead to Civil War.
  • House Divided Speech

    The House Divided Speech would be given to the Senate by Abraham Lincoln. In the speech Lincoln would talk about how the decision made in the Scott case had opened the doors for slavery to move into the North. Lincoln would also claim that if the U.S. wanted to be a free country then it had to act now. The speech would cause lots of controversy especially in the Democratic side. Democrats would use the speech against Lincoln which would anger Northerners further increasing tensions.
  • Period: to

    Lincoln Douglas Debates

    The Lincoln Douglas Debates would be a series of 7 debated between a not very well known Lincoln and Senator Douglas. The debates would revolve around slavery and its extension across the nation. The two would go back and forth throughout the series of debated until Lincoln asked Douglas about his opinion in the Scott case. Douglas's response would be the Freeport Doctrine. This would anger southerners though. Douglas would end up winning the senate position over Lincoln.
  • LeCompton Constitution

    The Lecompton Constitution would be the fourth constitution drafted for Kansas. The constitution was drafted by proslavery advocated. The constitution would allow slavery to take place in Kansas if it passed. Ultimately it was unable to pass which the constitution itself and it not being passed would cause controversy. The constitution would anger Northerners because a majority of Kansas were against slavery. Southerners were angry because it wasn't able to be passed creating more tension.
  • Period: to

    Harper's Ferry

    Harper's Ferry would be the place where John Brown would seek to raid in order to seize guns that were there. With those guns he planned to start a slave rebellion against the Southerners. The raid would be unsuccessful and Brown would end up getting caught. This would really anger Southerners and especially towards Northerners because Brown is from the North. It would further increase tensions and destroy and chances of the South and North accommodating.
  • John Brown's Execution

    On this day John Brown would be executed due to the raid he would start on Harper's Ferry. John Brown would kiss and African American baby when he was heading to his execution according to a picture. Due to Brown's execution tensions would continue to rise against the North and the South. It would cause the North and South to become more apart than ever.
  • Election 1860

    The Election of 1860 would have 3 different political parties and 4 nominees in the race. The main nominees being Lincoln, part of the Republican Party, and Breckinridge, part of the Democratic Party. Lincoln would end up winning the election beating out Breckinridge and the other 2 nominees. This would cause outrage in the South who had threatened earlier that if a Republican nominee won the election then they would secede from the union.
  • Secession

    After the election of President Lincoln 7 states would proceed to secede the union before he gave his inaugural address. The first state being South Carolina on December 20, 1860. Followed by Mississippi (1-9-1861), Florida (1-10-1861), Alabama (1-11-1861), Georgia (1-19-1861), Louisiana (1-26-1861), and Texas (2-1-1861). After the attack on Fort Sumter 4 more states would join with those being Virginia (4-17-1861), Arkansas (5-6-1861), North Carolina (05-20-1861), and Tennessee (6-8-1861)
  • Lincoln's 1st Inaugural Address

    Lincoln would give his first inaugural address as president on March 4th, 1861. In his address he would avoid being hostile to the Southern states and even said he would not interfere with slavery. He also said all government activities would stop in hostile areas. He however was firm on the topic concerning secession and seizure of government property. The south however would not pay attention and would shortly start the Civil War by shooting at Fort Sumter