Timeline #1 Medieval/Ren (476-1430-1600)

  • 1000 BCE

    Bagpipes invented

  • Period: 570 BCE to 495 BCE


    the greek founder of music theory. considered first pure mathematician
  • 476


    first type of polyphony in western music. church music
  • Period: 991 to 1033

    Guido of Arrezo

    music theorist, he is credited with creating a system of precise pitch notation. lines and spaces on a staff. proposed sight singing with syllables
  • Period: 1098 to 1179

    Hildegard von bingen

    composer of first morality play. known as Sybil of rhine. writer composer theologist.
  • Period: 1135 to 1201


    master of organum at cathedral of Notre dame
  • Period: 1300 to 1350

    the ars nova in france

    new techniques like isorhythm and hocket
  • Period: 1300 to 1390

    the trecento in italy

  • Period: 1397 to 1474

    guillamue du fay

    Franco Flemish, first important renaissance composer. used older medieval techniques.
  • Period: 1400 to 1460

    Gills Binchois

    2nd important composer, served the duke of burgundy
  • Period: 1410 to 1497

    johannes ockeghem

    bass singer and important teacher. lots of masses and chansons
  • 1430

    Important Familes in the Renaissance

    De' Medici Family
    Sforza Family
    D'este Dukes
    Gonzaga Family
  • Period: 1430 to


    secular music became more poplar, polyphony was used most often
  • Period: 1450 to 1521

    josquin des prez

    considered best composer of our time and master of notes. french
  • Period: 1521 to

    phillipe de monte

    at venice and prague courts. religious. Franco Flemish
  • 1570


    a mass written for a person who just died. the latin mass requiem was standardized in 1570.