• Anne was born

    Anne was born
    Anne Frank was born
  • Imigrating to the Netherlands

    Imigrating to the Netherlands
    Anne's family moved to the Netherlands to escape the Nazis.
  • Nurinburge laws

    Nurinburge laws
    The Nurinburg laws were passed in Nurinburg Germeny.The laws restricted Jews even more than they already were.
  • Germen invation

    Germen invation
    Anne's sister was going to be sent to a consintration camp.Anne's father moved them into hideing.
  • Enter the US

    Enter the US
    The Us enters trhe war after japan attacks aThe U.S navel base at Pearl harbor.
  • The Diary

    The Diary
    Anne receives a dairy for her thirteenth birhday.
  • Surrender

    Germeny surrenders and retreats.
  • Raid

    The Nazi police raid the Secret Annex.
  • Mother dies

    Mother dies
    Anne's mother dies in the consintration camp at Auschwitz.
  • The Diary is published

    The Diary is published
    The father of Anne Frank is the only sur vivor he decides to publish the diary.