• Feb 25, 1325


    Helped the Doctor seal off a bunch of cybermen in a mesoamerican ziggurat. Did you know cybermen have skulls made of crystal?

    Helped the Doctor fend off an invasion of Daleks in Dallas, Texas. Man, those things were freaky!
  • Left the Army

  • Started Working at the Library

  • Met the Doctor

  • Fixed a Crack In Time

    Helped the Doctor close a crack in time and prevented the world from being sucked into it. Began travelling with the Doctor.
  • Home, again.

    Parted ways with the Doctor and returned to my normal life. At least he gave me this cool stationary pad as a souvenier.
  • Starship UK

    Had tea and scones with Liz 10 while the Doctor tried to cure the space whale's inexplicable case of indigestion.