• The election of Abarham Lincoln

    The election of Abarham Lincoln
    This Election was important to the united states because Abarham Lincoln was one on the huge reasons slavery was abolished without him slavery would have lasted alot longer in the united states
  • Secession

    this is important because thease are the series of events that led to the civil war. without thease events the civil war might not have happended and slavery might never have been abolished.
  • Emancipation Proclamination.

    Emancipation Proclamination.
    This was impoprtand to America because this was the begging of slavery being abolished. If this was never passed slavery would have been legal in both sides of the country. oncde this was passed slavery was only legal in the south.
  • The Formation of the kkk

    The Formation of the kkk
    This was important because This helped people see how cruel people where towrds african amaericans, withouth this they might have been ended up bein treated the same on all throughtout history.
  • 13th Amendment

    13th Amendment
    This was important to the uintied states because this amendment completley abolished slavery in the United States. If this was never passred there is a chance that there might be slavery in the United States today
  • 14 amendment

    14 amendment
    this amendment gives every one born in the United States rights. This is Important because this gives new african americans born in america equal rights.
  • 15 amendment

    15 amendment
    This Amendment makes it illegal to deny anyone the rights to vote based on race or color. This is important because this gives African Americans the right to vote and makes them more equal.
  • The election of 1876

    The election of 1876
    This is important because it was the most controversal election. This showed people that even if you dont wen the poopular vote you can still win the election.
  • Civil Rights Cases

    Civil Rights Cases
    Thease cases where important because they helped stop discrimination agianst african americans by small organizations and not just state goverment.
  • Jim Crow Laws

    Jim Crow Laws
    This was important because they where discrimination laws that did not alow african americans to go to public schools or other public areas. Thease showed how blacks where treated and motavated people help them.