• Wilfrid Laurier

    Wilfrid Laurier was the first French Primise Minister in Canada. He was known as The great compromiser because he didnèt force anyone to join the war, he took volunteers and paid them one dollar a day but would never force them away from their families.
  • Boer War

    The Boer War took place in South Africa, the english wanted to help the British in the war, but the French did not. 40-60% of the men presenting for service were unfit to fight, this was the first the time government had to take note on how unhealthy the British were
  • Women in World War One

    Candaian women in world war one turned out to be very useful, They would make weapons and were mechanincs and drivers, they made bombs and guns and shells. They only took a part in the war because the men were off to war so the women would have to make their weapons for them, but they were still very handy.
  • Bobbie Rosenfeld

    Bobbie Rosenfeld was the most sucessful women athlete in Canada she did track and field. She earned a gold metal for the 400 metre relay and silver 100 metre at the 1928 summer olympics in Amsterdam.
  • Battle of Ypres

    Theb Battle of Ypres took place in Germany and it was the first battle that chemical warfare was used in war. The soldiers would used rags and soak them in urine and cover their mouths and nose with it so they didnt inhale th fumes otherwise theyd die.
  • Vimy Ridge

    Vimy Ridge took place in France, it is remembered for its most successful campaign and they covered 100 meters in 3 minutes for Canadians causing them victory.
  • Passchendale

    Passchendale took place in Begium and its remembered for all the mud the soldiers had to work through. When they got shot they would get lost in the mud and would never to be found againa nd while you were working through the mud youd be walking on bodies and not even realizing it.
  • Halifax Explosion

    The Halifax Explosion took place in Halifax and is remembered because the Mont Blanc a ship full of explosives was trying to sneak into the harbour late at night and wasnt payign attanetion to what was ahead of them, there was another ship known as the Imo and it was trying to get in too. Neither of the captians were aware they were about to collide and then they clued in the only option the had to stay alive was to jump ship.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    The Treaty of Versailles took place in Russia and is remembered because its when Germany surrendured.
  • Group of Seven

    The Group of Seven lived in Canada and are remembered for all their work to get womens right in Canada dealing with men and their opinions.
  • Alberta Five

    The Alberta Fvies sucess took place in Canada, they are remembered for fighting the persons case in the courts in trying to convince the plaiment that women are persons too.
  • Womens right to vote

    Women in Britian were finally gettting treated as equals in 1928, they earned the right to vote thanks to a group of very brave and nobel women.
  • R.B. Bennett

    R.B Bennett was remembered for being the Primse Minister durign the Great Depression. He got blamed for a lot of the things that went wrong but always managed to stay positive and tried his best to remain the Prime Minister during the Great Depression,
  • Dustbowl

    The dustbowl took place in America and Canada, its known for its insane sandstorms that vanished all the crops meaning farmers couldnt make money selling crops so they had to leave the farms and move to the city and hope to get a decent job there to pay for their families.
  • Women in World War Two

    This event took place in japan and is remembered for making bombs and driving for war and their volunteer work. they were also allowed to join the war but no frotn line fighting.
  • Battle of the atlantic

    Battle of the Atlantic took place in the Atlantic and it is remembered for the longest naval battle Canadian navy vs German subs.
  • Battle of Britain

    The battle of Britain took place in France and is remembered because Germany invaded France and pushed the French and Britain back up the english channels and boats came and saved them
  • Camp X

    Camp X was in Lake ontario and was a top secret training post in Canada for spies.
  • Agnes Macphail

    Agnes Macphails sucess took place in 1943-45 and again in 1948 in Canada, Shes remembered for her bravery in facign the men and convincing everyone that women should have the right to vote for things that benefit them aswell as men and should have an opinion in anything in general.
  • Residential Schools

    Residential Schools in Canada were schools for Native Americians and would take the kids away from their families and not allow them to keep in touch with their families or to see them again.