• :O

    Adolf Hitlers birthday
  • WWI

    start of world war wan
  • WWII

    World war 2 actual global war starts
  • Hitlers death

    He dead.
  • Internet

    Internet became available to public
  • Period: to

    Time Span

  • N64 :D:D:D

    Tjhe N64 was made june 23 1996. It was one of the best consoles ever made :D. It had some of the best games ever made for it, Including: Super Mario 64, conkers bad fur day, and goldeneye 64. Good times.
  • My birthday

    its important.
  • Best Show ever

    The first episode of Family Guy was aired on this date. The episode was called Death has a shadow.
  • Gamecube

    The Gamecube was released. It was pretty good because of the new zelda games that came out for it. and the remakes of ocarina of time and majoras mask.
  • Psp Announcement

    The Psp was announced march 4 2003. It is basically the handheld version of the playstation 1/2. It was quite popular for a while.
  • Nintendo Ds

    The nintendo Ds was invented 21st of november 2004. It has touch screen capabilities. The touch screen allowed many new games involving touch to be made for handheld devices.
  • PSP was shipped

    In november 6 2005 it was finally shipped to the U.S which was then shipped to canada.
  • First PS3

    The first model of the PS3 was released. It was way better than the second one because it could actually play PS2 and PS1 games. The second one can only play PS1.
  • Minecraft

    The day minecraft Came out., It was fun for the first year but then it just got bad. Really bad.
  • Transformice

  • The Walking Dead

    The pilot of The Walking Dead was on may 15 2010. It had an intense story and lots of zombies getting killed. And Rick gets hit with a shovel.

    He dead.
  • Terraria

  • Tuesday

    Boring Day in ICT.
  • Out of ideas

    i dont know what to do anymore....