Time Traveller Project

  • May 1, 1000


  • Nov 14, 1457

    The Great Wall of China

  • Mar 20, 1550


  • The Civil War

  • Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

  • Krakotoa Volcano Explosion

  • Titanic

    The "Unsinkable" ship hit a huge iceberg and sank to the bottom of teh Pacific Ocean on April 15, 1912. Thousands of lives were taken because of this incident, and therefore leaving the Titanic famous throughout history.

    I will travel back to 1912, before the Titanic sets sail on her maiden voyage in Southampton, England, and save the many lives that were going to be killed by secretly boarding the ship, and then steer the ship around the iceberg when were close to it.
    If I saved the million
  • Hachi

  • Balto

  • Secretariat

  • Grace Kelly

  • Whales Stuck Under the Ice

  • Daulatpur-Salturia Tornado

  • NYC Terrorist Attack

  • Fukishima Nuclear Meltdown Explosion