Time Travel Project

  • 300

    The Roman Colosseum

    The Roman Colosseum
    The Roman Colosseum was a building built by the Romans during the Roman Empire. Gladitors and animals fought, chariots raced, and may other events took place at the Coloseum. I would like to travel back in time and see chariot races and other non-violent games that took place centurys ago.
  • Oct 12, 1492


    Clumbus was a man who thought the world was round when a majority of people thought the world was flat. To try and prove his theory Columbus decided to circle the globe and arrive to India from Europe. However he came to what is now America. I would like to go with Columbus and the rest of his three boats when they discover the knew land of America.
  • Beaver Hunter

    Beaver Hunter
    When western America was being explored many bevers were hunted for their valuable fur. One man's name was Jededia Smith. He faced amny dangers while out in the wild and I would like to go back to that time period and travel with him as he explores the west.
  • Iron Clads

    Iron Clads
    During the Civil War a new type of fighting machine was built called Ironclads. Ironclads were iron plated boats which were almost indistructible with the guns they had at that time. Two famous Ironclads were the Monitor (a Union version) and the Merrimack (the Confederate version). These two ships had a battle that lasted hours but neither could sink the other. I want to witness the battle between those two ships.
  • Steam Train

    Steam Train
    In the 1800s a new type of transportation called a Steam train was created. I would like to go back in time and take a ride on the steam train. I would like to travel through the plains and over the mountains, I would also see the Native Americans in their natural homes.
  • The Statue of Liberty

    The Statue of Liberty
    The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of the United States. It was given to us from another country but was almost not put together because of fanatical problems. Thankfully the mony was raised. I would like to travel back in time a witness the building of the Statue of Liberty and see the new copper figure.
  • Henry Ford

    Henry Ford
    Henry Ford was a man who created the assembly line and a way to mass produce vehicles cheap. I think it would be interesting to go back in time and see his factories in production, producing Model Ts for the less rich in America.
  • Wrights Brother's Plane

    Wrights Brother's Plane
    In the early 1900s two brothers invented the first plane. They tried for a long time to create thier plane and had many failed attempts. I would like to go back to the Wright Brother's first test flight of their first successful plane and watch as the first fliying machine lifts off.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    During the 1940s World War II broke out. The Japenese made a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor Navy Base. Many Americans were killed and it involved the US in World War II. I would like to go back before that happened and allert the US Navy of what would happen. Telling the navy what is to comewould change history because it may shorten the war which would save many lives.
  • A 60's Truck

    A 60's Truck
    In the mid 1900s many new vehicles were being made. Semi trucks were also invented to haul moer weight. Today trucks are still around but they are much different than the trucks back in the 1960s. (They are also more expensive) If i could go back in time I would go back to 1965, purchace a new truck and bring it to modern times. When i have it back I would use it as a show truck, taking it to truck shows.