Timeline with Attitude

  • Residential Schools open

    Residential Schools open
    It was 1831 when the first Residential School in Canada was opened, a place where Indigenous children would be cultured into European-Catholic society, and have their heritage ripped away. With the brutal treatment and long-term trauma given to the indigenous community, this is seen as a decline for Canada, and it's history.
  • Spanish Flu spreads to Canada

    Spanish Flu spreads to Canada
    The Spanish Flu is one of the world's most severe pandemics, COVID nowhere near comparing to it's mortality rate and death toll. An estimated 55,000 Canadians were lost to this influenza, which spread around the world from 1918-1920. This was a massive decline for Canada's already underpopulated country.
  • Workers win their rights!

    Workers win their rights!
    On May 15th, a good 30,000 Canadians workers walk off their jobs. They want better pay, reduced hours, and more rights. After more than a month of worker-less jobs and ceased economy in Winnipeg and Canada, RCMP are sent in to stop a 'Silent Parade', which ends in blood and brutality. Nevertheless, the strike ends on June 26th, when the government agrees to change the labour laws. This was a revolutionary moment for Canadians from then all the way to today, a progress for Canada.
  • The Creation of Insulin

    The Creation of Insulin
    In 1921 insulin, a life saving cure for Diabetes, was discovered by Fredrick Banting in Toronto. With insulin, someone with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes could survive instead of slowly dying in the span of two or three years. This is a progress for Canada and the world since before Insulin Diabetes was 100% fatal and with it Banting had saved millions of lives.
  • Oh no! A Stock Market crash!

    Oh no! A Stock Market crash!
    It's the Roaring 20's! The war is over, and the appeal to get rich and have fun is on the high! People are buying stocks everywhere with the prospect of getting more money than they gave. But in 1929 the markets crash, every stock becoming worth nothing. Canada's economy is sent into decline as their economy is shattered.
  • Gaining Women's right to Office

    Gaining Women's right to Office
    Nellie McClung, born 1873, was a famous rights activist in the 1920's. With her and a group of women called the Famous Five, they fought for women's rights in Canada. She also won what is now known as The Person's case, where the Supreme Court of Canada changed the laws to allow women to become senates in office. This is a progress not only for Canada, but for the ever changing world.