Time line Compare songs/music from different states in Mexico.

  • Appearance of sones like the Chuchumbé

    Appearance of sones like the Chuchumbé
    Appearance of sounds like the Chuchumbé. Originally the son jarocho is a lyrical-musical tradition originating from the center-south of the state of Veracruz, as well as part of the states of Oaxaca and Tabasco.
  • Son huasteco

    Son huasteco
    The music has as its traditional genre the son huasteco or huapango. Its roots come from the fandango and it has elements of pre-Hispanic and African music.

    German, Czech and Polish immigrants spread the taste of the accordion to the countrymen who crossed the Rio Grande to work in the state of Texas.
  • XIX Century

    XIX Century
    The bajo sexto, was widely used by musicians from the southeast of the country such as Campeche, Oaxaca, Chiapas and Yucatán, it was implemented together with the accordion, creating new tunes, and resulting in what we know today as norteño music.
  • New instruments

    New instruments
    New instruments became fundamental pieces of Mexican marimba music, such as electric bass, drums, and wind instruments. Currently, in addition to sones, marimba groups usually perform waltzes, classical music, ranchera, norteña
  • Exponents years 30-40

    Exponents years 30-40
    DON ANTONIO TANGUMA. I leave as a legacy great successes that are still danced and will continue to be danced as representative music of the region. To mention the famous "Evangelina", "El Cerro de la Silla", "El Naranjo" and many others.
  • First group of huapango

    First group of huapango
    The first Huapango group called "Los Chicanos" is formed, to which Nicandro Castillo, better known in Mexico as the "King of Huapango", belonge.
  • "Huapango" by Moncayo

    "Huapango" by Moncayo
    The huapango by José Pablo Moncayo is one of the most representative works of national music". Is a composition of several sones veracruzanos and was premiered in August 1941 at the Palacio de Bellas Artes.
  • Years 60-70

    Years 60-70
    The following interpreters stand out: Cornelio Reyna, Dueto Alma Norteña, Los Tigres del Norte, among others.
  • First Huapango Contest

    First Huapango Contest
    The first Huapango contest is held in the magical town of San Joaquín, in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico, with the purpose of promoting, disseminating and preserving the traditions of the Huasteca region.
  • Cultural Heritage

    Cultural Heritage
    The Huapango was decreed as cultural heritage in San Luis Potosí with the purpose of safeguarding this genre, as well as to promote actions aimed at its research, registration, safeguarding, enhancement, recognition and dissemination.