David crockett

Time Line 9000

  • Period: to

    Then and Now

  • Subway Hero

    Subway Hero
    Subway hero discusion and video. We discused what is a hero according to our media today
  • First Chapter Friday

    Passage read allowed from Why Courage Matters by John McCain. In this we discused heroes who risk their lives for others
  • Interview with Kristi Quillen

    Watched interview with Kristi and saw a good example for 4th post
  • Thinking

    Think about who you wish to do your heroes project on and think what type of hero is he/she.
  • Period: to


    Find out who you wish to do your project on and research
  • Heroes in Literature

    Heroes in Literature
  • Period: to

    Change the World

    Watched "Change the World" powerpoint and dicused heroes and what it means to be a hero. Also listed diferent types of heroes.
  • 1st Blog

    Due today and decided to do Davy Crockett. Also watched some videos discusing our worlds current need for"heroes" to aid us in the problems we face today.
  • Period: to


    Discussed hidden meanings in a poem (The Root Celler) and prepared for future in AP.
  • 2nd post

    Heroes in literature and their characteristics. Also discuss how your heroes change and the different types of heroes.
  • Show and Tell

    Show and Tell
    We share with our class who our hero is and some interestinfg information on him/her.
  • Period: to


    Discussed meanings in a new poem (absent)
  • Done!!!!!!

    Post due today at end of class